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The Tom Horn Anthology Package – 12 of His Best Books PLUS 3 FREE BONUSES – Save $200.00! – **Shipping included in U.S. only**


The Messenger - Apophis - It's Headed Toward Earth and Cannot Be Stopped! by Thomas Horn - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Nephilim Stargates (Thomas and Nita Horn) **Shipping Included (USA ONLY)**


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The Ahriman Gate: by Tom and Nita Horn

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Saboteurs: Shadow Government: In Quest For the Final World Order by Tom Horn, Gary Stearman, Derek Gilbert & Friends

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Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters: Evidence of the Incursion of Giants and Their Imminent Return by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle

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The Milieu - Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance - Dr. Thomas Horn and Friends

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The Rabbis, Donald Trump and the Top Secret Plan to Rebuild the Third Temple by Thomas Horn with FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.

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Zeitgeist 2025: Countdown to the Secret Destiny of America  - Another Blockbuster by Tom Horn - SHIPPING INCLUDED in the USA!

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Shadowland: From Jeffrey Epstein to the Clintons - From Obama and Biden to the Occult Elite - by Thomas Horn

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Pandemonium's Engine **Shipping Included (USA ONLY)**

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We Are Legion For We Are Many - Has a Demonic Portal Been Opened in the White House? - By Thomas R. Horn - SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE US ONLY

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The Boy From El Mirage: A Memoir of Odd Beginnings, Unexpected Miracles, and Why I Have No Idea How I Wound Up Where I Am? The Thomas Horn Story

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Before Genesis - The Unauthorized History of Tohu, Boku, and the Chaos Dragon in the Land Before Time - By Donna Howell and Thomas Horn - SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE U.S. ONLY

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Forbidden Gates **Shipping Included (USA ONLY)**

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Do Our Pets Go To Heaven? by Tom Horn and Terry James

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The Tom Horn Anthology Package

12 of His Best Books PLUS 3 FREE BONUSES

**International customers see below for shipping**

On Friday, October 20, 2023, Tom Horn entered into his eternal reward and into the arms of Jesus after a lifetime of ministry and service. Thomas Ray Horn was born on February 28, 1957, in El Mirage, Arizona, to Clarence Edward Horn and Virginia Lee (McLaughlin) Horn.

Known to many of his family and friends as “Joe Joe,” Tom’s early life is riddled with many stories of adventure and mischief while running around the Arizona desert as an adolescent. As a teenager, Tom began working for a local business man in the Phoenix, Arizona area and quickly elevated to being one of the top supervisors of this company, demonstrating a work ethic and professional drive that would become a trait element in all his future endeavors. In 1975, Tom married Juanita Horn, and the two of them shortly thereafter began a life of ministerial service together by becoming youth pastors at a local church. Tom continued working in this capacity while working full time and using what little off-hours he was afforded to put himself through Bible school in hopes of becoming an ordained minister. Within a few short years, Tom and Nita Horn were pastoring their first church: a small home missions congregation outside Roseburg, Oregon. This was the first of many pastoral roles Tom served in, and never was there a more compelling preacher. Tom’s passion, combined with his ability to apply Biblical truths to everyday life left nearly every individual who ever heard him preach wanting to hear more. This was only enriched by his genuine compassion and concern for those he served, for whom he would provide counsel, visit at home or in the hospital, officiate weddings and funerals, and even offer material necessities in their hours of need. 

In the late 1980s, Tom’s focus shifted to writing books in which he courageously tackled many challenging and somewhat controversial questions relating to theological views on topics such as extraterrestrial activity, the implications of Genesis 6, Biblical prophecy, and multiple other subjects that many ministries are not in a position to take on.

Tom’s life was spent working while using his “off hours” to accomplish other things. True to this form, during the early season of Tom’s authorship career, he served at a large camp and conference ministry in Oregon while writing on the side. It was during this chapter that Tom and Nita were able to work, for the first time, with a ministry known as Royal Family Kids’ Camp—a foundation that ministers to children within the foster care system and those rescued from multiple forms of trafficking and abuse by exposing them to a fun-filled week of summer camp; where they are able to experience personal growth and empowerment while being introduced to the concept of a God who cares about them. Immediately, this population of marginalized souls captured the hearts of both Tom and Nita, who looked particularly forward to this group’s return each year for their time at this avenue of service.

When Tom “retired” from working at the camp and conference ministry, he continued writing—an endeavor that, by now, had become nearly full-time involvement in Christian media. He and Nita launched Survivor Mall, an online store which financially supplemented Tom’s ability to write full time, and they relocated to Missouri with plans of buying some property, a few horses, and take a slower approach to life as they enjoyed their senior years. Around this same time, Defender Publishing was established, followed several years later by Skywatch TV. Through a series of unexpected life twists, Tom and Nita, together, came to the realization that their retirement chapter on a quiet ranch in Missouri would be better utilized as a summer camp facility that dedicated itself full time to ministering to the same marginalized populace of children which had so captured their hearts before: Royal Family Kids’ Camp and sister ministry Teen Reach. From this, Whispering Ponies Ranch was built, which to this day carries Tom’s legacy, his passion, and his continuing mission to make the world a better place by helping abused children heal and find God’s love.

Over his years of authorship, Tom penned many best-selling books including Forbidden Gates, The Wormwood Prophecy, Exo-Vaticana, Zeitgeist 2025, Shadowland, The Messenger, Before Genesis, We Are Legion and his final work, Summoning the Demon. 

Tom is survived by his wife, Juanita F. Horn, and his three children and their families. These include daughter Althia Anderson, son Joe Horn with wife Katherine Horn, and daughter Donna Howell and husband James Howell. Tom is survived by 8 grandchildren: John Anderson, Kathryn Anderson, Kate Horn, Nita Horn, Joe Howell, Althia Howell, Rebecca Horn, and name-sake grandson, Thomas Horn.

The Horn family wishes to thank everyone who has lifted us up in prayer throughout this process. To our family, friends, and our extended “Skywatch and Whispering Ponies Ranch Family,” we are forever grateful for your ongoing prayerful support. We are humbled by the outpouring of love that has been shown to us during this time and thank each of you for every way in which you have reached out to us. May your lives always be filled with the blessings of God’s promises. Tom leaves this world a better place because of the contribution he made to it during his lifetime. His legacy will continue through the ministries that he poured himself into, and lives will continue to change as a result of the seeds he planted.


  1. Nephilim Stargates 
  2. The Messenger: Apophis – It’s Headed Towards Earth and it Cant Be Stopped! 
  3. Saboteurs: Shadow Government – In Quest For the Final World Order 
  4. Zeitgeist 2025: Countdown to the Secret Destiny of America 
  5. Shadowland: Belly of the Beast- The Truth About Our Nation’s Elite 
  6. The Ahriman Gate by Tom and Nita Horn  
  7. Milieu: Transhumanism Resistance 
  8. Pandemonium’s Engine: Satan’s Imminent and Final Assault on the Creation of God
  9. Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters: Evidence of the Incursion of Giants and Their Imminent Return 
  10. Forbidden Gates: The Dawn of the Techno-dimensional Spiritual Warfare 
  11. Do Our Pets Go To Heaven? 
  12. The Rabbis, Donald Trump and the Third Temple 


  1. Before Genesis by Donna Howell and Tom Horn
  2. We Are Legion: For We Are Many
  3. The Boy From El Mirage – The Tom Horn Story 

$150.00 (Save $200.00)


Save $200.00

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