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We Are Legion For We Are Many – Has a Demonic Portal Been Opened in the White House? – By Thomas R. Horn – SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE US ONLY


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We Are Legion For We Are Many

Has a Demonic Portal Been Opened in the White House? 

By Thomas R. Horn

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We Are Legion, For We Are Many shatters the paradigm by soberly and frighteningly exposing how, before and after the presidency of Donald Trump, the United States was―and now is again―on an intentional trajectory to fulfill the occult aspirations of dark dominions during the Hebrew year 5785 (2024–2025). While the United States is considered the most technologically advanced nation in the world, spiritual regression abounds. Idolatry, drug use, violence, Satanism, pornography, interest in New Age doctrines (even in “Christian” churches), and various psychic phenomena are exploding across every facet of our culture. People feel the world is coming undone.

Why is this happening in America now? 

In We Are Legion For We Are Many, you will find answers to the following question. 

  • What’s really behind laptop revelations, influence peddling, and “the big guy.” 
  • How is the secret stash of Biden’s classified documents just the beginning? 
  • How are pandemics providing the trial run for implementing totalitarianism? 
  • Why did ancient Essenes forecast the Hebrew year 5785 as the beginning of the end? 
  • How are human elites in the US Capitol part of a secret society to Apollo, the Antichrist?
  • Who are the principalities behind our government and what is their role for our imminent future? 
  • What do Vatican insiders and Catholic mystics see in 2023 with the arrival of the False Prophet?
  • Is the rapture of the church nearer than most perceive? Will it happen in 2024-2025?
  • What can and should YOU do about it? 



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