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The Ahriman Gate: by Tom and Nita Horn


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The Ahriman Gate

by Thomas and Nita Horn

One of Tom and Nita Horn’s first efforts, the Ahriman Gate is a fast paced thriller that set the stage for a string of best sellers from the pen of this exciting author. Read what others have to say about this book. 

Starts fast, then rockets your emotions into adrenaline overload! The authors explore the fascinating science and conspiratorial possibilities of an enigmatic world government involved with transgenic research, extraterrestrial vehicles, crypto-archaeology and ghastly genetic research, convening in a nightmare scenario that makes you truly appreciate it when God enters the scene. 

Dr. Donald C. Jones, Historian of the Year

Absolutely over the top! Should be read and used by Christian educators to begin a serious debate on the ethics of genetic modification. 

Bill Carmichael Founding Publisher of Christian Parenting Today magazine

Dr. and Mrs Horn are obviously conversant with ancient biblical sources and make good use of it in their novel.  

Legendary Ufologist Dr. I.D.E. Thomas

The Ahriman Gate brings the reader face to face with the return of the Nephilim—and that may be a little too close for some folks.

L.A. Marzulli, author of the Watchers DVD Series and On the Trail of the Nephilim 



392 pages

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