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The Milieu – Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance – Dr. Thomas Horn and Friends


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The Milieu

Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance

By Dr. Thomas Horn with Dr. Frederick Meekins, Carl Teichrib, Sharon Gilbert, Troy Anderson, Darek Gilbert, Nita Horn, Josh Peck, Wes Faull and Paul McGuire

Utopia or Dystopia? Shangri-La or purgatory? Paradise or perdition? What future truly awaits mankind on the other side of widespread human enhancement? With breakthrough advances in transhumanistic science, and technology at an all-time high, it appears that people of all ages, backgrounds, and world cultures are lining up to embrace the alteration and augmentation of the human race. Remaining as the mere Homo sapiens that God designed is no longer satisfactory as we race toward the human-animal chimeric and human-machine hybrid—a point of no return. For many, these transhuman concepts paint bright and glorious tomorrows filled with higher efficiency, ease, and convenience for our world. For others, the notion of irreversibly changing what it is to be human and the potential spiritual and biological repercussions that it holds for the Earth’s dominant species is, understandably, terrifying. 

In The Milieu: Welcome to the Transhuman Resistance, you will learn:

1. The purpose and importance of the resistance group known as the Milieu 
2. Why it is important for the Church to be involved in the discussion about transhumanism
3. The glaring, spiritual symbolism of the transhuman worldview, and how the Promethean Faith (a.k.a., Religion of Man) is far more a religion than its disciples openly acknowledge
4. What is driving the Christian transhuman movement
5. What methods are currently being used to gradually indoctrinate the Church and society with utopian, transhuman concepts
6. Why going from flawed man to enhanced beast doesn’t solve humanity’s dilemmas and only serves to reveal deeply-rooted philosophical challenges
7. The link between artificial intelligence and the image of the Beast from Revelation
8. Why a pro-transhuman Milieu group is forming at the Vatican right now, and what plans they have in mind for humanity’s future
9. How nanotechnology existing at this moment will soon allow for human-robot offspring and why that might be the very technology that ushers in the Antichrist
10. PLUS! Two chapters from Thomas and Nita Horn’s Forbidden Gates book, discussing the coming Hell scenario and the spiritual warfare ramifications of merging man with beast or machine.
356 pages

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