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What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an **Shipping Included (USA ONLY)**


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What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an

by William J. Federer

In 2006, Keith Ellison was the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress. He was sworn in to his office on a Qur’an. Most Americans know little about the Qur’an, who wrote it and how it spread. Mohammed had 15 wives, and fought in scores of battles and raids, even cutting off the heads of 700 Jewish men. In 100 years of Mohammed’s death, his followers subjugated North Africa, the Holy Land, Persia and Spain, from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Join William Federer, a true student of history, as he exposes the Islamic plot for world domination. Many things in this book will shock and astound you, leaving you wondering why you never heard them before. And believe me, these are things that those of the Muslim faith do not want you to know.

Read how Sultans conquered the 1,000-year old Byzantine city of Constantinople.

How Jefferson sent Marines to capture the Muslim Barbary Pirate port of Tripoli.

How Woodrow Wilson tried to save millions of Armenian Christians killed in Turkey.

Is Islam just another religion? Or something much more diabolical?


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