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The New Heavens and Earth: Re-Creation? Or Renovation? by Lee W. Brainard – SHIPPING included in the USA!


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The New Heavens and Earth

Re-Creation? Or Renovation?

by Lee W. Brainard

One of the most breathtaking prophecies in the Bible is the promise of the new heavens and earth. In that glorious day the widespread effects of the fall and curse will be undone. Man will experience unbroken, utopian blessing in his eternal home. 

But how will the new heavens and earth come about? Will the current heavens and earth cease to exist and be replaced by a second ex-nihilo creation as many Bible teachers insist? Or will the current earth be refurbished by earthquake and fire from heaven even as the last earth was refurbished by the flood? 

In this Volume, I present several arguments such as historical precedent, the character of God, the eternality of earth, and the eternal nature of the kingdom established at the second coming, which combine to make a formidable case that the new heavens and earth will be the current heavens and earth refurbished. 



121 pages

SHIPPING included in the USA! 

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