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Newton’s Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms **Shipping Included (USA ONLY)**


NEWTON’S REVISED HISTORY OF ANCIENT KINGDOM’S A complete Chronology by Sir Isaac Newton Edited By Larry and Marion Pierce

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Newton’s Revised History of Ancient Kingdoms

by Sir Isaac Newton and Larry and Marion Pierce

Your view of ancient history will never be the same again! When one thinks of Sir Isaac Newton, one normally thinks of a great scientist and mathematician. However, one does not normally think of Newton as a historian. Such was the greatness of his intellect, that he found history a pleasant diversion for his idle moments. He drafted a book on ancient history and the Gentile nations and worked on it periodically for over forty years, but never published it. It was published posthumously in 1728, a year after he died. The same genius he applied to other disciplines, Newton brought to bear on ancient history. He noted that all the pagan nations had greatly exaggerated their history, creating much needless confusion.

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