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The Mount Sinai Package – 2 DVD Set and 1 Book – SHIPPING Included in the USA!


Return to Mecca by Avi Lipkin

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Exploring Arabia's Sinai (Two DVDs *4 Hours* from Jim and Penny Caldwell)

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The Mount Sinai Package

A 4 Hour Archaeology presentation and a book on the archeology of Saudi Arabia. 

by Avi Lipkin and Jim and Penny Caldwell

The Mt. Sinai Package includes Avi’s Return to Mecca book along with a spectacular 4 hour DVD that takes you right to ground zero … the biblical Mt. Sinai. Jim and Penny Caldwell were stationed in Saudi Arabia many years ago. On the weekends, they took their two small children out into the desert where they explored the area around “the mountain of Moses.” They were arrested several times for their secret incursions, but managed to escape with some fabulous photographs!

Jim and Penny located the altar of the Golden Calf, surrounded by a barb wire fence and No Trespassing signs! Then, in a shocking revelation, they discovered and photographed the 60-foot tall Split Rock at Horeb! This 60-foot rock, a type of Christ, is the rock that Moses struck to quench the thirst of more than a million Israelites. Must see video! 



SHIPPING Included in the USA 

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