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Return to Mecca by Avi Lipkin


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Return to Mecca

by Avi Lipkin

What role do Mecca and Medina/Midian play in the struggle between Western Civilization and Islam?

Are Mecca and Median/Midian referred to in the Bible?

Was Jethro a cousin of Moses?

Did Moses say to Pharaoh: “Let my people go” so that they could go around in circles in the desert?

Are the Phylacteries a replica of the Ka’abah in Mecca?

Is Mt Sinai in Northwestern Saudi Arabia?

Did the Israelites wander in the Arabian desert for 40 years?

Why did Osama bin Laden say the following: “Thus, Israel and behind it, America, killed all the children of the world. And who is to stop Israel from the murder of our sons tomorrow in Tabook or in Jauf, or in the surrounding areas of Palestine? And what will the rulers do if Israel starts to expand its unfair, unjust and false settlements, which the leaders do declare as such beyond its currently known boundaries and says, “Our borders extend to Medina?”

Will Islam be defeated and terminated when the Judeo-Christian West conquers Mecca and Medina?

What will be the circumstances that lead to that conquest?



257 pages 

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