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The Language of the Garden of Eden – by CJ Lovik – FREE Hebrew BONUS CHART!


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The Language of the Garden of Eden

by CJ Lovik

The language of the Garden of Eden is the most important message ever communicated to humanity. Happily, we have a trusted English translation of the revelation preserved in the Hebrew Scriptures. We all know that this revelation was originally written in an ancient language. Few have considered that this ancient language pre-dates all other languages on the earth. Even fewer have deeply considered the history of this language from a biblical perspective. 

If you take the time to learn the mystery of the 22 letters of the Hebrew language, you will be awestruck at what God gave to Moses, first carved into stone, then copied on papyrus by scribes, and then etched into clay tablets and pottery producing what we know as the Torah. CJ Lovik walks us through the language of God, in written, pictorial form. God gave these to Moses symbol by symbol, then attached a numerical value to each letter. This unique language of the Garden of Eden is a pure language, miraculously preserved for mankind. This divine language has survived for 6,000 years. Some believe that God used these 22 letters, THE WORD, to speak the world into existence!  If you’re a student of Scripture and desire to know God’s Word and God’s heart from man better, this hardback book will take you to a whole new level of biblical understanding.



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