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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Shroud of Turin Collection by Russ Breault & Friends with a FREE BONUS BOOK, Time Travelers of the Bible

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Shroud Encounter: CSI Jerusalem

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Shroud Encounter: What If?

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Secrets of the Man Clothed in Linen: The Prophetic Meaning of the Turin Shroud (DVD by Russ Breault)

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Could the Shroud of Turin Be a Receipt? Bought—Purchased—Redeemed—Ransomed: by Russ Breault

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Barrie Schwortz: 35 Years of Shroud Science - A Personal Perspective

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Time Travelers of the Bible by Gary Stearman- (The Best-Selling Book That Launched Prophecy Watchers!) INCLUDES SHIPPING IN THE USA!

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The Shroud of Turin Collection

by Russ Breault & Friends

Is the Shroud of Turin the actual burial cloth of Jesus? Or just an elaborate, artistic hoax? Is that image of the man on the linen cloth a message to our technological generation, positive proof that Jesus rose from the dead? Is it a type of the rapture, showing us how we will be taken one day, in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye? We’ve collected some of the world’s biggest experts, who have dedicated their entire lives to the study and secrets of this linen cloth. World renowned Shroud experts, Barrie Schworz, Russ Breault and John and Rebecca Jackson (owners of the Shroud of Turin Museum), will provide you with amazing evidence that we do hold the proof of the resurrection in our hands. Just one more infallible proof!

The Shroud of Turin has its critics who view it as a unbiblical relic that some people worship. We view it quite differently, as does Russ Breault. We don’t worship it at all, but simply want to know if Christ left something behind to prove to the world that He truly did rise from the grave. It certainly gets people’s attention. The image on the cloth can’t be replicated today with modern technology. Many have tried. It appears to have been created by some sort of stunning exhibit of supernatural, nuclear-like power that left an indelible and permanent imprint on the cloth. We think we’ll be taken to heaven soon in one mighty burst of light—just like Jesus!

There are 5 DVDs in The Ultimate Shroud of Turin Package, all of which highlight different views and fascinating Shroud studies. Many of these DVDs include interesting Q & A sessions with these experts.

  1. Secrets of the Man Clothed in Linen by Russ Breault

  2. Could the Shroud of Turin Be A Receipt and a Type of the Rapture? 
  3. CSI Jerusalem: Where Science, History and Faith Meet

  4. What If? People Often Ask the Wrong Question

  5. 35 Years of Shroud Science by Barrie Schworz

FREE BONUS – Time Travelers of the Bible book by Gary Stearman