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Could the Shroud of Turin Be a Receipt? Bought—Purchased—Redeemed—Ransomed: by Russ Breault


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Could the Shroud of Turin Be a Receipt? Bought—Purchased—Redeemed—Ransomed

by Shroud of Turin expert Russ Breault

Is the linen burial cloth a record of a transaction between God and man?

Could it be a proof of purchase?

Does the human race possess an itemized receipt documenting the extreme price that was paid?

Long-time Shroud expert, Russ Breault, presents a convincing case that God left behind evidence of His Son’s powerful resurrection moment. For a very good reason. We were bought with a price! And here’s the evidence.

BONUS DVD- From Atheism to Purpose

With engaging humor, Russ Breault tells his personal journey out of atheism through the occult and finally to faith.Don’t miss his chilling story of the haunted coat! (31 minutes)

BONUS DVD- The Shroud of Turin in 15 Minutes

This is a fast moving and concise overview of the key facts and compelling message of the Shroud. Great for small group discussion. (15 minutes)



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