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Shroud Encounter: What If?


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Shroud Encounter: What If?

by Russ Breault

People often ask the wrong question—what if the Shroud is not authentic? That is a legitimate question, but from the standpoint of Christian ministry, a more significant question is—what if the Shroud is authentic and we did nothing with it? 

The parable of the talents comes to mind immediately. Is there a middle path that allows the church to utilize the wonderful truths that are revealed through the Shroud, even though absolute proof of authenticity may not be possible? 

Here are a few questions that are answered in this 45 minute DVD.

What is the Shroud of Turin?

Why is the Shroud significant?

Can the Shroud be considered an apologetic?

Why would God have preserved an image?

Is the Shroud a relic?

Does the Shroud conform to Jewish burial practices?

Is the use of fine twisted linen significant?

How can the Shroud be used for evangelism? 



45 minutes


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