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Change to Chains: The 6,000 Year Quest For Control


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Change to Change: The 6,000 Year Quest for Control

Volume 1- Rise of the Republic

by William J. Federer 

In 1887 British statesman, Lord Acton, once made this famous statement to Bishop Creighton. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Through 6,000 years of human history men have lusted after power and the desire to control the masses through a centralized government. Ronald Reagan once said, “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” Former President, William Henry Harrison, warned in his inaugural address in 1841, “The tendency of power to increase itself, particularly when exercised by a singular individual, would terminate in virtual monarchy. The tendencies of all governments in their decline is to monarchy.”

In nearly 6,000 years of recorded human history the most common form of human government has been the monarchy, the rule of a king. Under such a system, power is centralized in an individual and the state trumps the individual. In contrast, America has been an attempt to recognize the God given rights and freedoms of the individual and to guarantee liberty through the laws of a representative democracy.

In Change to Chains, an eight-part DVD series, author Bill Federer walks viewer through the historical power shifting from a centralized source to the people and back again. He shows why citizens must be ever mindful of the past in order not to repeat it.

DVD Discussion Topics

1. 6,000 Years of Recorded History

2. From Stars to Kings

3. For the People, From the People

4. The Length of Democracy

5. The Price of Government

6. America: The Grand Experiment

7. The Strategy of Power

8. The One Who Dictates 



244 minutes

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