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Eye of the Phoenix – Volume 3 in the “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings” series from Chris Pinto. Shipping Included in the U.S.


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Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill

by Christian Pinto

Adullam Films’ director, Christian J. Pinto, has completed work on the new film, “Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill,” which is the third volume in the “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings” series. 

With our crashing economy, the big question is: what is the future of American currency?  As with the rest of our series, we believe the past will help us to understand the future. 

Eye of the Phoenix” documents the bizarre history of the design of the dollar bill, exposing the occult activity surrounding the FDR administration.  There is perhaps no other period in U.S. history when so many people were so deeply involved in the occult, and held positions of power that reached all the way to the White House.  Phoenix focuses specifically on the years prior to World War II leading up to 1935, when the Great Seal was taken out of obscurity and placed on the foundation of America’s currency. 

According to official records from the State Department, FDR and his Secretary of Agriculture, Henry Wallace, specifically chose to use the Great Seal because, as Freemasons, they believed the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (which they equated with the New Deal) could only be fulfilled under “the eye” of the Great Architect of the Universe (the god of Masonry). 

Two heavily influential occultists during the FDR era were Manly P. Hall and a Russian mystic named Nicholas Roerich.  Manly Hall’s writings influenced Freemasonic presidents FDR and Harry S. Truman.  It is even said that Hall was responsible for the number of stones on the pyramid of the Great Seal, and for the identification of the eagle as a phoenix.  

Meanwhile, Nicholas Roerich was an international figure and Theosophist.  His quest for Shambala and the Stone of Destiny (symbols of the New World Order) captivated Henry Wallace.  According to a variety of sources, it was Roerich’s influence over Wallace (and ultimately FDR) that led to the placement of the Great Seal on America’s currency. As American Heritage writes: “The State Department grew very nervous about Roerich, but he had influence in the Oval Office.”

Some Christian leaders continue to downplay the occult nature of the dollar bill; but once you understand the beliefs and influence of Roerich, Wallace and Manly Hall, you will clearly recognize the Luciferian nature of its design.

Also discussed in this documentary are: the Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati past and present, Theosophical Society, Benjamin Creme and the Maitreya (i.e. Antichrist); along with a prediction for how the dollar will be used to establish the New World Order. 

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