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Second Corinthians: Grace Under Siege (21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series)


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Second Corinthians: Grace Under Siege

21st Century Biblical Commentary Series

by Dan Mitchell, Mal Couch, & Ed Hindson


LIKE A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER or a coach in the locker room at halftime, Paul addresses the Corinthian believers as a friend, a mentor, and as an apostle. At a point, where others tried to manipulate them as a sect of Judaism, denying the gospel of grace, Paul’s passion and zeal are more apparent in this book than in any of his other writings.

Today, the struggle is not for Christianity to be unique from Judaism, but to be unique among the melting pot of religions in the world. And that which set us apart, the grace of God to send His Son to die on the cross, has never been more under siege.

Paul had declared the truths of the gospel, but others came to Corinth after him and tried to undermine all he had taught. The Christians in Jerusalem were in dire need of help. The false teachers were claiming that Paul was not even an apostle. Rumors and half-truths were common rhetoric. In order to defend the truth, Paul had to defend the call God had placed upon him, and all the things that call had led him to endure. Dan Mitchell brings Paul’s word into focus to challenge every believer to defend the truth, to care for those in need, and to work together in unity to accomplish the goal of presenting Christ to a dying needy world.

This commentary on II Corinthians is one of 16 volumes published in The Twenty First Century Biblical Commentary Series. It’s discounted and listed in the Prophetic Commentaries section of our bookstore. 



241 pages


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