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Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon


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Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon

by Bill Salus

Get ready for the prophetic adventure of a lifetime. As we see the prophetic turmoil heat up in the Middle East the prophecies of the Bible are coming clearly into view like never before. Psalm 83? Isaiah 17? Ezekiel 38? The incredible end-time prophecies of Jeremiah? The current dilemmas in Syria and Egypt? Bill Salus takes them on one at a time in an incredible prophetic novel that doubles as a biblical commentary. THIS IS A BOOK THAT ANY SERIOUS STUDENT OF END-TIMES PROPHECY MUST READ IMMEDIATELY! Just look at all the amazing material presented in Revelation Road.

Chapter 1- Iran Prepares for the Apocalypse—Psalm 83, The Final Arab-Israeli War

Chapter 2-  Troublesome Times on Humanity’s Horizon—The Pretribulation Prophecies

Chapter 3- Tribulation Generation—The Two Types of Last Days Christians

Chapter 4- Israel Comes Under Multi-Front Attack—The Potential for Psalm 83 War Casualties

Chapter 5- Panic in Damascus—Isaiah 17, The Destruction of Damascus

Chapter 6- There’s Trouble in Tehran and Destruction in Damascus—The Attack Against Iran’s Nuclear Sites—THE FUTURE OF IRAN FROM JEREMIAH 49:34-39

Chapter 7- Israel Attacks Iran’s Nuclear Sites—The Dual End Times Prophecies of Iran—The Bleak Future of Islam

Chapter 8- Arabs Unite to Fight—Is it Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, or Armageddon? Why Satan Hates the Jews

Chapter 9- The Final Arab Israeli War—The Ancient Arab Hatred of the Jews—What is the Glorious Land of Daniel 11:41

Chapter 10- The Russian-Iranian Nuclear Connection—An Ezekiel 38-39 Overview

Chapter 11- Terrorists Attack America Again—America Slips From Superpower Status—Divine Judgments Ahead

Chapter 12- The Arabs Surrender—Replacement Theology & Israel as God’s Modern Day Miracle

Chapter 13- Israel, the Next Emerging Market—The Coming Greater Israel—Israel Constructs the 3rd Temple and reinstitutes animal sacrifices as millions return to Israel

Chapter 14- Greater Israel Makes Plans for a 3rd Temple—Israel Expands into Arab Lands

Chapter 15- Russia Forms an Evil Plan to Invade Israel—Gog’s Evil Plan

Chapter 16- The Christian Exodus Into the Clouds—Christians Escape the Wrath of God—The Bride of Christ and the Jewish Wedding

Chapter 17- After the Rapture the World Gets Religious—The Coming Counterfeit Religions—The Counterfeit Gospel

Chapter 18- Left Behind, the Heavenly Love Letter—The 144,000 Witness of Revelation—The Message of the 144,000 to the Jews

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432 pages

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