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After the Rapture: Be Not Ignorant Brethren (11 Audio CDs)- Doug Stauffer- The Great Rapture Debater!


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After the Rapture: Be Not Ignorant Brethren

11 Audio CDs by Douglas Stauffer

8 Messages and 8 Radio Interviews on 11 CDs

The battle over the doctrine of the rapture is raging. It seems like the closer we get to the close of the Church Age, the more determined Satan is to steal away our Blessed Hope. And he is using many influential Christians—several who cast a big shadow to do it! We’re being called escapists; cowards; mamby-pamby Christians; poor interpreters of Scripture and Christians with no empathy for the lost—twisting the words of the prophets, the Apostles and of Jesus Himself to paint various other skewered positions on eschatology.

The pre-wrath rapture crowd is growing by leaps and bounds—surely Christians will be punished and tested a little first before God calls us home. Right? A little Christian purgatory anyone? Many believe they will be protected during the Tribulation—completely contrary to what the book of Revelation teaches. The Bible says that the Antichrist is given power to make war with the saints—AND TO OVERCOME THEM. Where is the Blessed Hope in the post-trib scenario? Dying for the cause of Christ? Certainly one can paint a picture of the trials going on today for Christians all over the world, where human emotion enters the equation. And the death of most of the Apostles via martyrdom always enters the equation, but are Christians really appointed to face the wrath of God? Will millions of Christians be asked to give their lives for Christ and survive the Tribulation—a time Jesus describes as the worst time in the history of the world? We don’t think so.

Enter Douglas Stauffer into the equation—also known as “Bible Doug” to many of you. Two years ago we invited Doug to speak at one of our prophecy conferences. This lit a prophetic fire under him like no one I’ve ever seen. Bible studies quickly became “all-nighters” and prophecy became his obsession. 

He just put a new series in my hands today on the rapture of the Church. Entitled, After the Rapture: Be Not Ignorant Brethren, is a collection of 11 Audio CDs with Doug sharing his entire breadth of knowledge on this subject. It contains LIVE presentations, passionate preaching  and interviews with men like Derek Gilbert and Noah Hutchings—12 hours total. If you want to be able to defend your position as a pre-tribulational rapture defender this is an excellent place to start. Get informed. Don’t let the ignorant spout off uninformed information about Margaret McDonald and the last trump without having an answer. Learn the proper Greek hermeneutics of II Thessalonians chapter 2, so you can speak clearly, and correct people who are reading the Bible incorrectly. 

Here’s a listing of the 11 presentations that Doug has included in this Audio CD set. These are the DVDs you should be listening to on your way to the office! 

1. The Pre-Wrath Rapture Hoax (Part 1) – Bonus interview #1 with Noah Hutchings (78 minutes)

2. The Pre-Wrath Rapture Hoax (Part 2) – Bonus Interview #2 with Noah Hutchings (66 minutes) 

3. On Site in Israel- Bonus Interview #3 with Noah Hutchings (70 minutes) 

4. Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?-Bonus Interview #4 with Noah Hutchings (50 minutes)

5 . The Rapture: Watching, Waiting and Working- Bonus Interview #5 with Noah Hutchings (75 minutes) 

6. Progressive Illumination- God’s Key to Prophecy (57 minutes) 

7. When the Blessed Hope Becomes the Blessed Reality (69 minutes) 

8. Deliverance or Devastation?- Son of God or Son of Perdition? (51 minutes) 

9. PID Radio Interview #1- With Derek Gilbert (64 minutes) 

10. PID Radio Interview #2- With Derek Gilbert (77 minutes) 

11. PID Radio Interview #3- With Derek Gilbert (73 minutes) 

Doug says, “After the Rapture comes the Judgment Seat of Christ for Christians—in Heaven. On Earth begins Daniel’s 70th week (The time of Jacob’s Trouble); the Revelation of the Man of Sin; the Abomination of Desolation; Christ’s Second Coming and the Millennial Kingdom. 



11 CDs- 12+ hours

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