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The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse (8 Audio CDs-8 hours)


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The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse  (8 Audio CDs- 8 hours) 

by Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler has released an exciting series on one of Revelation’s greatest mysteries. They have become a popular idiom even in secular literature. The legendary “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” have conjured up all sorts of images and caused rampant speculation over the years. Biblically, they speak of real events that will characterize an actual period of time in the future. The near future. The time is rapidly approaching. 

Join Dr. Chuck Missler from the Executive Briefing Room of the River Lodge in New Zealand, as he explores a unique interpretation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The time of its fulfillment is fast approaching. 

This 8 DVD collection is approximately 8 hours and includes 4 great studies.

1- Behold a White Horse:
The Coming World Leader

The final world dictator seeking global domination will also be an “Assyrian” who is here characterized by a bow, riding a white horse. It is interesting how many confuse this counterfeit with the rider of the white horse in Revelation 19. In chapter 6, however, this rider is among some very bad company! “Behold a White Horse” explores the career of the first of these “Four Horsemen” who seems to have at least 33 titles in the Old Testament and 13 in the New Testament and the common term “Antichrist” really isn’t one of them. We also explore the only physical description of him in the Scripture!
  • Why is he a “mistaken identity”?
  • How do we know this is NOT the Christ?
  • What is the precedent condition(s) for his appearance?
  • What is the precedent condition for the unsealing of the Seven Sealed Book? What is the Seven Sealed Book?
  • Is his “bow” a pun? How? Why?
  • How can he “go forth to conquer” if he is a “peace maker”?
  • Is the Church on the earth at this time? How do we know?
  • Is He alive today? How do we know?
  • How can he be the “Seed of the Serpent”?

2- Behold a Red Horse:
Wars and Rumors of Wars

Dr. Chuck Missler, an honor graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, with an international background including three decade’s experience in the board rooms of the defense industry, reviews the major biblical references to warfare, the trends in modern weapons technology, and some of the current preparations for war among the major powers.
  • What does the Bible say about “wars”?
  • How can the classic literature of centuries ago impact today’s (and tomorrow’s) tactics and strategies?
  • Which technologies are predicted in the Bible? Which ones have yet to be witnessed?
  • In what ways have the economies of scale in violence been reversed?
  • What is the threat assessment and risk analysis pending today?
  • In what ways can a country be regarded as a “one-bomb target”?
  • What are the likely implications of trans-humanism in the quests for the “Super-Soldier”?
  • How could electromagnetic pulses emerge to become the “Great Equalizer”?
  • Where is the safest place to be?

3- Behold a Black Horse:
Economic Upheaval and Famine

The third of the “ Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” brings inflation and famine on an unprecedented scale.
What is the real cause of inflation? What are the real causes of famine? Most famines are the direct results of government’s deliberate decisions. Germany sank into the most severe hyperinflationary period in recorded history after printing 1.3 trillion marks—about 4 trillion in today’s dollars. Ironically, that is almost exactly the same amount of money the United States government has printed since 2008. What are the implications for us today?
How can one use Bayes’ Theorem in “reverse probability”? Can you form a hypothesis based on experience, common sense and whatever data are available; then test the hypothesis not by what has happened before, but by what comes after? The theorem has proved its worth, such as in 2012 when it was used to successfully predict the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in all 50 states before the final vote counts were available. Join Dr. Chuck Missler in the Executive Briefing Room of the River Lodge, New Zealand, as he explores the identity of the third of the Four Horsemen of Revelation.

4 Behold a Livid Horse:
Emergent Diseases and Biochemical Warfare

Dr. Chuck Missler explores these and other questions below concerning this climactic Fourth Horsemen and the unique role it plays in the End-Time Scenario:
  • Why are previously conquered diseases now making a comeback?
  • How real is the threat of biological terrorism?
  • Why is it more dangerous than chemical terrorism?
  • Was the AIDS virus deliberately designed? By whom? And why?
  • Is there any truth behind an agenda to control (and reduce) the world’s population? By whom? And why?
  • Who are the two riders associated with the Livid Horse? How do they differ?

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8 CDs—8 hours!  

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