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The Friends of Israel 2014 Prophecy Conference (Audio CDs) Israel- Past, Present and Future (Romans 9, 10 & 11)


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The Friends of Israel 2014 Prophecy Conference Highlights

by Jim Showers, David Levy, Steve Herzig, Pat Neff, Andy Ferrier, Charles McCracken, Clarence Johnson and Bruce Scott

Romans chapter 9 is one of the most powerful and important passages in the entire Bible. The Apostle Paul speaks clearly on the fate of the Jewish people and asks the question—has God abandoned the Jewish people and the nation of Israel? The Friends of Israel Ministry presents highlights on Audio CD of their prophecy conference from 2014 that focuses on one subject—Israel and its future in the plan of God. Here are clear answers from trustworthy sources who ask difficult questions and provide clear and concise biblical answers. Everyone who loves Israel should want to get educated on the fate of the Jewish people. 

Here are a sampling of some incredible messages—real insights into the last days. 

CD 1

1. Jim Showers- An Overview of Romans 9-11

2. David Levy- Israel’s Problem- Romans 9:1-3

CD 2

1. Steve Herzig- Israel’s Privileges- Romans 9:4-5

2. Pat Neff- Israel’s Position- Romans 9:6-7

CD 3

Andy Ferrier- Israel’s Promise- Romans 9:8-13

Charles McCracken- Israel’s Preparation- Romans 9:14-24

CD 4

Clarence Johnson- Israel’s Prophets- Romans 9:25-33

Pat Neff- Israel’s Zeal- Romans 10:1-13

CD 5 

Bruce Scott- Israel’s Need- Romans 10:14-21

Charles McCracken- A Rejected People? Romans 11:1-5

CD 6 

David Levy- A People of Law or Grace?- Romans 11:6

Bruce Scott- A Blind People? Romans 11:7-10

CD 7

Steve Herzig- A Diminished People? – Romans 11:11-12

Andy Ferrier- A Jealous People? Romans 11:13-20

CD 8

Clarence Johnson- A Mysterious People? – Romans 11:21-25

Steve Herzig- A Repenting People? Romans 11:26-36




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