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The Ancient Order of Melchizedek


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 The Ancient Order of Melchizedek

NEW From Ken Johnson! 

Who was the Melchizedek the apostle Paul spoke of in the book of Hebrews? How is his priesthood different than the priesthood of Levi? Why was the Messiah ordained after the order of Melchizedek and not after the order of Levi? For the first time, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the ancient church fathers, and other rare history books reveal the mystery of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek.We will learn about the order and how it is different from the order of Levi. We will see who the ten Melchizedekian priests were, and how the order was broken up into three parts until the Messiah would come to earth to reinstate the order in its fullness. Most importantly, we will see how that reinstatement effects Christian theology and practical applications to our Christian walk today.



129 pages 

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