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Josephus: The Essential Writings


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Josephus: The Essential Writings

An Illustrated Edition of Jewish Antiquities and The Jewish War

A New Translation by Paul Maier

Not just another edition of William Whiston’s difficult, dusty and dated version of Josephus, but a completely new translation! Whiston is the translation found in most editions of Josephus available today and was first published in 1737. 

This remarkable new translation and condensation preserves Josephus’s essential writings: Jewish Antiquities and The Jewish War. Now, inquiring readers can fully comprehend, appreciate, and benefit from these classic works, which shed crucial light on the Old and New Testament. 

The text is eminently readable, set in large, easy-to-read type, and preserves the most important content from Josephus. All significant passages are included, many word-for-word. Only non-essential or repeated sections are omitted and are noted with brackets in the text. Paul L. Maier’s fresh translation is also enhanced by

83 photographs

12 maps and illustrations

5 genealogical and dynastic charts

Margin dates for significant events

A thorough index

A selected Bibliography

The Loeb numbering system (now the standard for Josephus citation) 


Part 1- Jewish Antiquities

1. Beginnings

2. The Patriarchs

3. The Hebrews in Egypt

4. Moses and the Exodus

5. Sinai

6. The Conquest of Canaan

7. Samson and Samuel

8. Saul

9. King David

10. Solomon and His Successors

11. The Prophet Elijah

12. The Prophet Elisha

13. Conquest, Destruction and Captivity

14. The Return to Jerusalem

15. From Esther to the Ptolemies

16. The Maccabees

17. The Roman Conquest

18. Herod the Great

19. The Roman Governors

PART 2: The Jewish War

1. Hostilities Erupt

2. Vespasian Conquers Galilee

3. Pirates, Rebels and Victims

4. The Zealots in Jerusalem

5. Titus Besieges the City

6. Horrors at Jerusalem

7. The Destruction of Temple and City

From Rome to Masada


1. The Kings of the United Kingdom and the Kings of Judah

2. The Kings of Israel

3. The Maccabees (Hasmoneans) 

4. The Rulers of Judea and Roma Emperors of the First Century A.D. 

5. The Herod’s of Judea



416 pages


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