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Fruits of Solitude: Proverbs, Wisdom, & Principles For Better Living (Attic Book Series)


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Fruits of Solitude: Proverbs, Wisdom, & Principles For Better Living

by William Penn

Originally published in 1693, this profound volume of wise sayings was written by William Penn when the focus of the day was on observing moral principles for daily living. This distinctive rendering is from a 1901 vintage edition which preserved the original style, character, and content of Penn’s work while helping resonate the truth and wisdom of a simpler age. The vital collection of serene reflections were the product of Penn’s life, faith, and Quaker heritage; one that would later involve his own suffering in prison and eventual poverty in living out his faith. The reader is challenged to apply these maxims to his or her own life, as well as to ponder deeply his or her significant place and purpose in God’s world. 

Many of the principles and concepts that helped form a young American republic 50 years after Penn’s death were inspired by his own revolutionary leadership of the lands of Pennsylvania. Covering 165 subjects with over 850 specific teachings about friendship, discipline, conversation, religion, and more, the book is a deliberate guide to our lives and interaction with others.



170 pages


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