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Ezekiel – Visions of God and the Future of Israel by David Hocking


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Ezekiel – Visions of God and the Future of Israel

by David Hocking

Over 2500 years ago, a young priest was given special and unique “VISIONS OF GOD” about the future of the Nation of Israel and its Land. His name means “strength of God” and his prophetic insights are still remarkable today as they relate to the future existence of ISRAEL. He speaks about future events that have never been fulfilled even to this day. This priest/prophet predicted the future resurrection of the Nation of Israel, the restoration of its Land, its agricultural development, and many other details. He also predicted a future attack by certain nations of the world, and a supernatural intervention by God Himself. He also prophesies that a TEMPLE will be built in the future by the Messiah Himself Who will establish His everlasting kingdom on earth.
170 pages

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