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The Christian’s Biblical Guide to Understanding Israel: Insight Into God’s Heart For His People by Doug Hershey


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The Christian’s Biblical Guide to Understanding Israel

Insight Into God’s Heart For His People

by Doug Hershey

The Christian’s Guide to Understanding Israel is a comprehensive guide for believers who want to have a better understanding of God’s heart for Israel and why Israel is important, both in the Bible and today. 

This book is presented in a quick reference format, making it easy for you to find the biblical explanation for a given topic, without having to read through the entire book. The book also includes a prayer guide, written from Isaiah 62, encouraging prayer for the peace of Jerusalem. 


  1. Commonly Misunderstood Concepts About Israel
  2. The Chosen People
  3. Blessings and Curses
  4. Peace
  5. Jesus and the Law
  6. Has God Rejected Israel
  7. Blessings of the Jews
  8. Christians Grafted In
  9. The Three Annual Feasts
  10. Importance of Feasts
  11. Passover
  12. Pentecost
  13. Feasts of Tabernacles
  14. The Value of Jerusalem
  15. Making Aliyah
  16. Israel Today
  17. Unique Facts About Israel
  18. How to Pray for Israel




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