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American Requiem – Why the USA Falls in the Last Days – by S. Douglas Woodward


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American Requiem

Why the USA Falls in the Last Days

Is the United States on the Edge of Oblivion? 

by S. Douglas Woodward

The “Hammer of the Whole Earth,” the “Hindermost of Nations,” the “Mighty Babylon” will be destroyed in the end times (Jeremiah 50:12-13, 23, 27). Is that the future that awaits America? Have the decisions made by our government and financial leaders established a devastating destiny for America? Has the deteriorating morality of the nation sealed our fate? Will we decay from within or be destroyed from without?

There are many modern-day prophetic voices such as Jonathan Cahn, the late Dumitru Duduman, and the late David Wilkinson, that proclaim our fate is sealed… America lies at the edge of oblivion. Soon we will be a desert and a wasteland.

In this book, S. Douglas Woodward, a leading authority on the intersection of Bible prophecy and geopolitics, confirms the validity of the predictions. He speaks to why America is at the precipice, now ready to collapse, and will soon fulfill many Old Testament prophecies concerning the Daughter of Babylon.

In this Second Edition, a number of clarifications have been made from the first book. Various matters requiring updates to remain current have also taken place. Finally, several additional pictures have been provided to strengthen the presentation. This edition includes color versions of all previous pictures and charts from the First Edition.



171 pages

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