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The Big Book of Bible Answers: by Ron Rhodes – A Guide to Understanding the Most Challenging Questions


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The Big Book of Bible Answers

A Guide to Understanding the Most Challenging Questions 

by Ron Rhodes

Here’s a Q & A session you won’t want to miss! Respected Bible scholar, Ron Rhodes, uses his years of study and talking to believers and seekers to create an exceptional resource that covers a wide range of issues—from apologetics, to Bible prophecy, to questions about the church—to life and death issues—all based on Scripture. 

In this age of uncertainty, Rhodes offers an array of clear answers to many challenging questions about God and the Bible—perhaps ones you have never considered, such as …

Why did God allow Four Gospels into the Bible that appear on the surface to have contradictions?

Are science and the Bible irreconcilable?

How can three persons be one God? 

Is it wrong to celebrate birthdays? 

Is it permissible for Christians to get divorced?

Take a look at this impressive …

Table of Contents

Part 1: Questions About the Bible

  1. Scripture: From God to Us
  2. The Trustworthiness of the Bible
  3. The Books that Belong in the Bible
  4. All About Bible Translations
  5. Interpretation of Scripture: Sense and Nonsense

Part 2: Questions About the Old and New Testaments

  1. Common Questions About the Old Testament
  2. Common Questions About the New Testament

Part 3: Questions About God

  1. Questions About God
  2. Common Errors About God
  3. Understanding the Holy Spirit

Part 4: Questions About Jesus

  1. The Humanity of Jesus
  2. Jesus and the Father: Equally Divine
  3. Evidence For the Deity of Christ
  4. Christ in the Old Testament
  5. The Resurrection of Christ
  6. Errors About Christ

Part 5: Questions About Humanity

  1. The Origins of Humankind
  2. Humans Related to God
  3. The Human Fall Into Sin

Part 6: Questions About Salvation

  1. The Gospel That Saves
  2. The Security of the Christian’s Salvation
  3. God’s Part and Man’s Part
  4. The Role of Baptism
  5. Christians As Witnesses
  6. All About the Church

Part 7: Questions About Angels and Demons

  1. Angels Among Us
  2. The Devil and His Fallen Angels

Part 8: Questions About Prophecy and the Afterlife

  1. The Prophetic Future
  2. The Wonder of Heaven
  3. The Judgment of Humankind
  4. Erroneous Views of the Afterlife
  5. Near-Death Experiences

Part 9: Questions About Apologetic Issues

  1. Apologetics and the Christian
  2. Apologetics and Intelligent Design Theory
  3. Apologetics and Danger Zone Issues
  4. Apologetics and the Cults

Part 10: Questions About Ethics

  1. Ethics and the Christian Life
  2. Ethical Issues Related to Death



414 pages

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