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Ken Johnson: End-Time Prophecies in the Book of Enoch

February 26, 2022

The apocryphal book of Enoch is one of the most controversial books found among the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. Although Enoch’s writing was not included among the 66 books of the Bible, it does add some remarkable details into several key passages that have PIQUED THE CURIOSITY of theologians for ages. Enoch documents the heavenly rebellion of the fallen angels we read about in the 6th chapter of Genesis. LET’S JUST SAY THAT ENOCH NAMES NAMES, documenting the actual leaders of the rebellion and offering insight into their corruption of the human race in the days of Noah. Today, we see this same genetic tampering taking place in laboratories all around the world, but according to Enoch, these fallen angels knew the secrets of heaven and the manipulation of human DNA long before our generation.