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The Ancient Enoch Package by Gary Stearman and Ken Johnson (Book and 2 DVDs)


Ancient Book of Enoch

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End-Time Prophecies in the Book of Enoch DVD: Flying Houses, Fallen Angels and the Tribulation

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The Ancient Enoch Package

by Gary Stearman & Ken Johnson (Book & 2 DVDs)


Ken Johnson’s book, The Ancient Book of Enoch, is an apocryphal book quoted in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit inspired Jude to quote from Enoch in his brief but powerful NT book. The Book of Enoch opens by addressing those in the Tribulation Period. That alone should get your attention! It contains numerous prophecies about the flood and fire judgments, and the two comings of the Jewish Messiah. It teaches that the Messiah is the Son of God and that one day in the future He would shed His blood to redeem fallen mankind. He even predicts the generation in which this would occur!

The Book of Enoch prophesies a window of time in which the Second Coming would occur and prophesies that there will be 23 Israeli Prime Ministers ruling in 58 terms, from AD 1948 to the beginning of the Tribulation Period. Now that will get your attention for sure! Although the Book of Enoch talks about the Creation of the Bible it says that we will be judged by our obedience to the Word of God, not the Book of Enoch. It is clearly not a part of the Canon of Scripture. 

The Ancient Book of Enoch recounts the history of the fallen angels who fell in the days of Jared, Enoch’s father. It testifies to their marriages with human women and their genetic experiments. It goes as far as to name the leaders of this angelic rebellion. No apocryphal book includes this type of information in such detail. 

This commentary includes a previously unknown chapter from the Dead Sea Scrolls that explains exactly how they accomplished their evil deeds of genetic tampering. 

Johnson provides an incredible, easy to read chart detailing the biblical prophecies found in the book of Enoch and prophecies predicting the arrival of the Messiah.


The ancient Book of Enoch is a source of great information and great controversy. Was it viewed as a reliable historical book by the early church? Or a corrupted work of fiction? The Apocryphal Book of Enoch opens by addressing the people who find themselves in the Tribulation Period. It goes on to identify the angels of Genesis 6 by name, going as far as to offer a complete narrative on the 200 fallen angels who came through a portal on Mt. Hermon, took an oath of rebellion and suffered severe punishment at the hand of God. Was this a one-time event? Or did it happen again? 

Bible scholars, Gary Stearman and Ken Johnson, solid dispensationalists who interpret Scripture literally, open up the words of Enoch’s mysterious book like never before, covering material and concepts you won’t find any other Christian-based work on Enoch. Enoch never died—he was raptured, providing a perfect type and shadow for the future of the Church. According to Jewish tradition, Enoch was born on Pentecost and was raptured on Pentecost. Will the Church fit into that same biblical model some day?


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Book & 2 DVDs