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Unholy Obsession: When Hitler Tried To Steal the Shroud by Russ Breault


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Unholy Obsession: When Hitler Tried To Steal the Shroud

by Russ Breault

Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both obsessed with finding religious artifacts with the belief they would give them supernatural power in their bid for world conquest. In 1938, Hitler visited Italy for a week and his trip included the city of Turin. His henchmen began asking questions about the King’s prized relic, the Shroud of Turin. When Hitler invaded Poland the next year, the Shroud was secretly moved to a monastery south of Rome. In 1943, the Nazis came looking for the Shroud . . . first in Turin, then later at the monastery. They never found their prize.

World-renowned Shroud expert, Russ Breault, documents this dark chapter in history and how Hitler first obtained the Spear of Destiny kept in Austria. He and Himmler also searched for the “Holy Grail,” but to no avail. What drove their obsession?

Bonus Presentation: Q & A with 5 of the world’s leading experts on the Shroud of Turin. (One hour)



38 minutes (plus bonus airing)

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