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The Stephen Quayle True Legends Collection – 6 DVDs from Stephen Quayle, Gary Stearman and Doug Woodward – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


True Legends: The Documentary Film Series (DVD Series from Steve Quayle)

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True Legends: Episode 2—The unHoly See - Quayle, Horn & Alberino!

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True Legends - Episode 3: Holocaust of Giants: Eyewitness Testimonies Documenting the Bones of Giants! by Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino & Tom Horn

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Forbidden History Revealed DVD - FROM STEVE QUAYLE - The Egyptian Presence in the Americas and the Pacific Rim - The Great Smithsonian Coverup

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Lies of Men and Gods - Exposing the Fallen Angel Agenda - The Genetic Corruption and Destruction of the Human Race - by Stephen Quayle- SHIPPING INCLUDED FOR US ONLY

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Mysteries of the Red Planet: The Ancient Secrets of Mars by Gary Stearman and Douglas Woodward - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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The Stephen Quayle True Legends Collection 

6 Ground Breaking DVDs on Biblical Archeology Adventures All over the World 

by Stephen Quayle, Tim Alberino, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman and Douglas Woodward 

True Legends – Technology of the Fallen

There were giants on the Earth in those days, when the Sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children unto them. (Gen. 6:4)

Join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Productions film crew as they head to the High Andean Plain (“Altiplano”) of Peru and Bolivia on the shores of legendary Lake Titicaca in search of evidence of the Watchers, their giant offspring, and the technology of the fallen.

This full length documentary film features the following:

  • Investigation into UFO activity over Lake Titicaca
  • Never before revealed historical records of giants in Peru
  • The mind-blowing geoglyphs discovered by David Flynn
  • The megalithic mysteries of Tiwanaku, and proof of their true origin
  • The infamous stargate of Aramu Muru
  • Was there high technology in the forgotten world before the Flood of Noah?
  • Who were the true builders of the megaliths?
  • Why is there a deliberate conspiracy to conceal their origins

True Legends – Unholy See

What do the forbidden secrets of the prehistoric past have to do with the forthcoming events of the prophetic future? Is there a hidden hand confiscating and concealing artifacts relating to the world before the Flood of Noah and the angel-hybrid entities that inhabited it? Are living giants still walking the earth today? Are we are on the brink of alien disclosure? Watch as Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino and Tom Horn unveil the surprising answers to these questions in True Legends: Episode II: The unHoly See.

This fast-paced and content-packed episode includes: testimony from an active duty pilot who handled and transported the body of a dead giant recently killed in the caves of Afghanistan; evidence of a vast ancient underground highway buried deep beneath the Andes Mountains in South America; proof of a global network of pre-flood cyclopean masons; never-before revealed information concerning Zecharia Sitchin and the Anunnaki; in-depth examination of the activities of the Jesuit astronomers on Mount Graham; and much more.

From Cusco, Peru; to Rome, Italy; to the island of Malta, join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Production crew as they follow the path of a conspiracy that gives credence to the old adage… all roads lead to Rome. The Vatican knows all the secrets!

True Legends – Holocaust of Giants 

An ancient conspiracy has been quietly burgeoning behind the bustle of the modern world. From the mounds of America, to the megalithic ruins on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, the desiccated bones of dead giants are being systematically disentombed and secreted away to clandestine vaults for apocalyptic purposes. While occultists are attempting to harness the arcane necromancy of the Canaanites, genetic engineers are working feverishly to reconstitute the genomes of the giants, and resurrect the dreaded race of Rephaim in the earth.

 In this explosive episode, Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, and Tom Horn pick up the trail of the Anasazi Indians in the Desert Southwest of the United States. Their groundbreaking investigation reveals a dark and gruesome secret concerning the sudden annihilation of this mysterious tribe, and a cover-up of gigantic proportions. What they discover will demand the re-writing of American history!

 Join Timothy Alberino as he explores the enigmatic island of Sardinia in the Western Mediterranean Sea where the skeletal remains of giants are still being extracted from the tens of thousands of megalithic towers and tombs all over the island, and hear the jaw-dropping testimony of those who were hired by the government to dig them out. Discover why Sardinia was ground-zero for the man-eating Canaanite giants that ravished the Promised Land before their expulsion by “Joshua the Robber.”

True Legends – Forbidden History Revealed: The Great Smithsonian Coverup

The Egyptian Presence in the Americas and the Pacific Rim 

For the first time in history, an eyewitness account of the fact that Egyptian artifacts and gigantic skeletons were taken from the Grand Canyon and stored in the secret underground Smithsonian warehouse. 
  • Why are all the land forms in the Grand Canyon named for Egyptian deities?  
  • Why is the DNA of Giants, Mummies and Giant Skeletons being extracted by the militaries of the world? 
  • Was a live, 21-foot giant captured in 1877 with the most unusual features ever noted? 
  • Will the Giants of yesterday become the Super-Soldiers of tomorrow? 

Lies of Men and Gods 


As in the Days of Noah…
In the twilight of mankind’s existence, the War Against God’s Creation Rages.

Boldface Lies
Aggregated deceit and accumulating falsehoods from our governments, our militaries, the Vatican, our churches, by so-called medical professionals, and “science” stack up before us. They say that they do not know what UFOs are, that mankind is causing climate change and that Covid vaccines are necessary to safeguard man’s future.

A Shot in the Arm, A Shot in the Head – Either Way You Wind Up Dead
The Vatican reshapes the world’s perspective of aliens, governments around the globe, spy on citizens, the stage is set for World War 3, the global economy teeters on the brink and the medical establishment compel people to corrupt themselves by injecting a COVID MRNA Vaccine that will change their DNA – Just like in the Days of Noah.

Pulling Strings
The World Economic Forum are the Puppet Masters who pull the strings that will starve and kill billions. But is there someone more sinister lurking in the shadows?

An Agenda of Death
With a Vatican core belief in Zecharia Sitchen’s Anunnaki, we learn that there is an Entity physically living on planet earth and everything occurring is designed to kill most of humanity and corrupt the DNA of those that remain. Weather warfare, the decimation of crops, livestock and the supply chain, the enslaving of billions, and the outright corruption of mankind’s DNA are all part of this Entity’s Agenda of Death.

Last Chance?
GenSix Productions blows the lid off a supernatural conspiracy that is thousands of years in the making and nearing its culmination. With never seen before footage of evidence pointing to the genetic corruption of humans, this film endeavors to give you the unfiltered Truth about who and what is really controlling our planet.

“The Lies of Men and Gods” – Quite possibly the last chance to expose the incomprehensible Evil that now envelops the world.

Mysteries of the Red Planet 

The history of the Red Planet features enhanced fiction, diabolical deception, cutting edge science and dark occult beliefs. The study of its past has intensified as satellite fly-bys and robotic science enhance our astronomical perspective on the War Planet. Did an ancient military base once exist on Mars? Was Mars once home to an angelic civilization? Is there physical evidence of a nuclear encounter on Mars? Rumors continue to flourish about life on Mars and the possibility of a long-forgotten alien race. What does NASA hope to find on Mars? Why would anyone want to explore this desolate planet? What are they searching for? Join prophecy experts Gary Stearman and Douglas Woodward as they look into the past and examine the ancient alien theory.


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6 DVDs

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