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True Legends: The Documentary Film Series (DVD Series from Steve Quayle)


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True Legends: The Documentary Film Series 

Technology of the Fallen

by Steve Quayle & Tim Alberino

There were giants on the Earth in those days, when the Sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children unto them. (Gen. 6:4)

Join Timothy Alberino and the GenSix Productions film crew as they head to the High Andean Plain (“Altiplano”) of Peru and Bolivia on the shores of legendary Lake Titicaca in search of evidence of the Watchers, their giant offspring, and the technology of the fallen.

This full length documentary film features the following:


  • Investigation into UFO activity over Lake Titicaca
  • Never before revealed historical records of giants in Peru
  • The mind-blowing geoglyphs discovered by David Flynn
  • The megalithic mysteries of Tiwanaku, and proof of their true origin
  • The infamous stargate of Aramu Muru
  • Was there high technology in the forgotten world before the Flood of Noah?
  • Who were the true builders of the megaliths?
  • Why is there a deliberate conspiracy to conceal their origins?

Discover the answers to these questions in True Legends: Technology of the Fallen! The truth is stranger than fiction! This is Volume 1 in what will be an 8-DVD Series. 


90 minutes





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