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The Rebuilding Babylon Package – 3 Great Resources on the Future – by Douglas Woodward


The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist - By Douglas Woodward - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days? A Critique - by S. Douglas Woodward

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Lying Wonders of the Red Planet - Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens by S. Douglas Woodward

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The Rebuilding Babylon Package

by Douglas Woodward

Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days? 

Dr. Andrew M. Woods has recently published a book on why references to Babylon in The Book of Revelation can only refer to ‘Babylon on the Euphrates,’ and not any one of several other interpretations proposed over the past 2,000 years. Woods rightly employs the historical-grammatical interpretation of the Bible. But he misuses this hermeneutic as his justification for why references to Babylon the Great, Mystery Babylon, history’s Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Tower of Babel (from the antediluvian world), convey there is one and only one Babylon presented by John in Revelation.

For Woods, prophetic passages in Revelation mentioning Babylon of the last days, demand it be rebuilt and become the globe’s most powerful city – not just spiritually, but politically, economically, and militarily. Furthermore, while barely a tourist attraction today, it serves as the essential city of the Antichrist. These errant assumptions drive his polemics against all contrary interpretations that better fit the facts biblically and geopolitically.

Woodward does not argue that one interpretation is as good as another. Woodward’s primary criticism is that Woods treats other views inferior to his view. This is a mistake. Other views that proposed other possible interpretations of how Babylon will be realized in the last days deserve far more analysis than he provides. And, in the end, his view is far from the best alternative discussed in eschatology today.

Is Babylon Rebuilt in the Last Days? provides 35 color pictures and charts enhancing its presentation. Overall, the book offers a superior understanding of how to read and understand the Book of Revelation, chapters 17-18.

The Final Babylon

What if the Antichrist were an American leader? What if he were alive today and living in the U.S.A? What if he were only a few years away from revealing himself to the world?

Instead of being omitted from Bible prophecy as many of the major eschatology scholars have taught for decades, what if America were at the very center of Bible prophecy? What if the U.S.A., rather than Europe, Rome, or Babylon, was the power base of Satan’s conspiracy against the Kingdom of God?

These three authors, Douglas W. Krieger, Dene McGriff, and S. Douglas Woodward, argue just that. Together, they have written what may be seen as a landmark book, rethinking the traditional prophetic scenario in light of developments in America and the Middle East. Combined, these authors bring over 100 years of study, teaching, and writing to the subject of Bible prophecy. The amazing blend of their respective backgrounds in the foreign services, evangelical ministries, and corporate America, lends unsurpassed credibility to their stunning and remarkably fresh presentation.

In some respects, “The Final Babylon” is a classic prophecy book, rich in exegesis of key scriptures most often overlooked or misinterpreted. The implications are life changing. Reading “The Final Babylon, America and the Coming of Antichrist” will awaken you to what has been happening right in front of our eyes that we simply couldn’t see due to our love of country and our faulty assumptions concerning the antagonists in the traditional prophetic scenario. This book may change your politics, your view of the Bible, and what you do day-to-day.

Lying Wonders of the Red Planet

The planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war, holds a special curiosity. Full of enchanted fiction, flagrant deception, herculean lies, cutting-edge science and chilling paranormal beliefs, the prospect of life on Mars seems embedded in the public’s consciousness. Satellite photo flybys and creeping robots trekking across the Martian surface do nothing but heighten the expectations.

Fascinating myths continue to grow about intelligent life that once lived there. There are even accounts of space travel between Earth and Mars through supernatural “jump rooms” and rumors of a massive colony that many believe still exists beneath the Martian surface. Did Lucifer and his fallen angels once occupy the red planet? Is this where they went when they were cast out of heaven? Are there physical structures on Mars today? The face on Mars? The pyramids?

The “ancient astronaut” theory has gained a foothold in the public’s mind thanks to the History Channel’s popular program, Ancient Aliens.” Zecharia Sitchin and Eric Van Daniken offer a pseudo-scientific, sanitized form of spirituality, much of it rooted in Madame Blavatsky’s nineteenth-century esoteric work, Secret Doctrine. In this stunning new book Woodward offers a compelling account of the colorful theories of life on Mars. Just the table of contents is a thrill ride full of pyramids, rocket scientists, Nikola Tesla, Walt Disney, NASA’s occult connections and cover-ups, the Masonic connection, the Mars-Egyptian connection, Richard Hoagland and the “Face on Mars,” top-secret space programs, cosmic wars and undisclosed underground military bases!!! Woodward addresses the wildest speculations of today’s extraterrestrial enthusiasts and separates truth from fiction in a marvelous, well-researched effort, so typical of all of Woodward’s writings.