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Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days? A Critique – by S. Douglas Woodward


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Will Babylon Be Rebuilt in the Last Days?

by S. Douglas Woodward

Dr. Andrew M. Woods has recently published a book on why references to Babylon in The Book of Revelation can only refer to ‘Babylon on the Euphrates,’ and not any one of several other interpretations proposed over the past 2,000 years. Woods rightly employs the historical-grammatical interpretation of the Bible. But he misuses this hermeneutic as his justification for why references to Babylon the Great, Mystery Babylon, history’s Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Tower of Babel (from the antediluvian world), convey there is one and only one Babylon presented by John in Revelation.

For Woods, prophetic passages in Revelation mentioning Babylon of the last days, demand it be rebuilt and become the globe’s most powerful city – not just spiritually, but politically, economically, and militarily. Furthermore, while barely a tourist attraction today, it serves as the essential city of the Antichrist. These errant assumptions drive his polemics against all contrary interpretations that better fit the facts biblically and geopolitically.

Woodward does not argue that one interpretation is as good as another. Woodward’s primary criticism is that Woods treats other views inferior to his view. This is a mistake. Other views that proposed other possible interpretations of how Babylon will be realized in the last days deserve far more analysis than he provides. And, in the end, his view is far from the best alternative discussed in eschatology today.

Is Babylon Rebuilt in the Last Days? provides 35 color pictures and charts enhancing its presentation. Overall, the book offers a superior understanding of how to read and understand the Book of Revelation, chapters 17-18.

Author S.DouglasWoodward (Th.M.,Masters/Finance), assesses Woods’ view carefully and presents many reasons why Babylon of the last days can’t be so simply interpreted. Included in this book are two additional pieces by Woodward explaining the most logical way to understand the ‘meaning of Babylon’ and its implications for today. Woodward has authored 20 books on Bible prophecy and biblical history, several that are bestsellers. Teachers and students that study Bible prophecy regard him a highly respected voice for eschatology today.



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