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The Prince of the Power of the Air and the Last Days – by Jeffrey Mardis – Shipping included in the US only


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The Prince of the Power of the Air and the Last Days

by Jeffrey Mardis

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ONE OF THE MANY names the Bible ascribes to the Devil is the Prince of the Power of the Air (Eph. 2:2). While it’s easy to overlook such details, this ominous title communicates far-reaching implications. Its various meanings and ties will lead to profound potentials that help expose the sweeping extent of the Devil’s hand in our time.
– The Devil’s role as a principality

– The Devil as the Prince of the Power of the Air

– The Devil as the God of Forces

– Satan’s authority over the atmosphere

– Air and the Devil

– Wind and the Devil

– Tornados and the Devil

– Lightning and the Devil

– Electricity and the Devil

– Electricity and the spirit realm

– Electricity and demon activity

– The Industrial Revolution and demon activity

– The Explosion of necromancy in the Electric Age

– Satan and the manipulation of man

– Demons and the impartation of knowledge

– Satan, the End-Times and the birth of aerial technologies

– Airplanes, rocketry and the abrupt rise of aviation

– Satan and the rise of the Computer Age

– Advanced forms of technology found in the Bible

– The inadequacy and blindness of modern science

– How the Devil’s currently counterfeiting the promises of God

– Bible revelations on the two separate forms of supernaturalism
…and much more!

One of the objectives of The Prince of the Power of the Air and the Last Days is to give the reader an opportunity to shed any feeble beliefs they may have about Satan’s activity in the twenty-first century. Scripture doesn’t present any sort of weak presence on the part of this enemy, so Christians have no excuse to hold beliefs reflective of such ideas. This book allows the reader to get a glimpse into that realm where supernatural phenomena, is not a rare, obscure thing, but an everyday occurrence – hidden events which help substantiate why Satan is called “the god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4).



331 pages

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