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The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible


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The Popular Handbook of Archaeology and the Bible

by Joseph M. Holden & Norman Geisler

How archaeology relates to the Bible has excited and fascinated people for centuries. Evidence dug up with a spade or discovered in a cave can speak volumes—and serve as a powerful testimony to the reliability of Scripture. 

Joseph Holden and Norman Geisler, two leading Christian apologists, have put together an impressive array of finds that confirm the biblical peoples and events of ages past. The user-friendly format will guide you along as the authors . . . 

Explore and explain the significance of recent and past discoveries

Unlock the secrets of biblical manuscripts and show how the text was passed down. 

Examine more than 150 photographs of the most important finds.

Provide fascinating charts of artifacts, people, manuscripts and more. 

Investigate a variety of discoveries—papyri, inscriptions, scrolls, ossuaries, and more. 


Part One: The Reliability of Old Testament Manuscripts

  1. The Masoretes and the Samaritans
  2. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Silver Scrolls
  3. The Transmission of the Old Testament- Summary

Part Two: The Reliability of Old Testament History

  1. Moses, the Pentateuch and the Major Prophets
  2. Alleged Errors vs. Archaeological Discoveries
  3. The Canon of the Old Testament

Part Three: Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts

  1. The Transmission of the New Testament
  2. The Manuscripts of the New Testament
  3. The Accuracy of the New Testament Manuscripts

Part Four: The Reliability of New Testament History

  1. Historicity of the New Testament
  2. Responding to Recent Criticism of the Gospels
  3. Criticism of the Resurrection Accounts and the Epistles
  4. The Canon of the New Testament

Part Five: Introduction to Archaeology

  1. Archaeology and the Bible
  2. Keys to Understanding Archaeology in Biblical Lands

Part Six: Archaeology of the Old Testament

  1. Creation and Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the Cities of the Plain
  2. Exodus and Conquest
  3. The Amarna Letters, the Hittites, and the City of Megiddo
  4. King David and His Dynasty
  5. Nebuchadnezzar II and the Persian Kings
  6. Old Testament Persons Confirmed by Archaeology

Part Seven: Archaeology of the New Testament

  1. Jesus and Other New Testament Persons in Non-Christian Sources
  2. Jesus and the Archaeological Sources
  3. The Temple Mount
  4. Herod, Pilate and Caiaphas
  5. More Fascinating Finds Relating to the New Testament 

Appendix A

  1. New Testament Manuscript Papyri- A Descriptive List

Appendix B

  1. Ascertaining the Geography of the Cities of the Plain

Appendix C

  1. Expert Witness Opinion Regarding the Authenticity of the James Ossuary




419 pages

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