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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
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The Mystery of Jesus From Genesis to Revelation – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – Volume 2 – by Thomas Horn, Donna Howell and Allie Anderson 


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The Mystery of Jesus From Genesis to Revelation – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Volume 2

by Thomas Horn, Donna Howell and Allie Anderson


Who really is Jesus Christ of Nazareth? For most Christian minds, He is the Savior of the world from the Gospel narratives-and whereas that is a biblical truth, that answer, alone, is tragically insufficient in light of the progressive revelation of God’s whole redemptive plan…from Genesis to Revelation. In each and all of the sixty-six biblical texts of the Holy Bible, Christ is in it, through it, intrinsically sewn into every page, and irreversibly linked to everything touched by His story in the world since the dawn of time.

Donna Howell, Tom Horn, and Allie Anderson pair up in this three-volume work, The Mystery of Jesus: From Genesis to Revelation-Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, to tear down the walls of confusion around Christ’s identity and show what the Bible wholly and collectively says about our Messiah.


  • What social and political events transpired during the Intertestamental Period that led to a movement of numerous “false messiahs” whose military pursuits splintered the Jews into various disjointed sects-each with their own misguided, documented messianic expectations.
  • What the “Word” of John’s Gospel really meant to his first Greco-Roman audience who saw a mystical, creative power behind the Greek Logos.
  • Unbelievable implications regarding the identity, role, and outcome of the magi who followed the Bethlehem star (and how their trip “broke something in the unseen realm” for all sorcerers of the first century)
  • How extra-biblical and apocryphal books written around the time of Christ gives fresh insight on New Testament characters, their true identity and reputation, and how that affects proper biblical interpretation.
  • The real-and largely misunderstood-purpose of Christ’s ministry years on earth, and why there is an apparent deficit of miraculous manifestations in our day.
  • Laws implemented in the Sanhedrin that made for a highly illegal crucifixion trial for Christ.
  • What was going on “behind the scenes” in major cities across the ancient world, and exactly how that changes everything we thought we knew about what the Epistles actually address (including each culture’s venerated “resident gods” who are resurrected in today’s society)

And much, much more!


Volume 2 


496 pages 

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