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The Mystery of Jesus From Genesis to Revelation – Yesterday and Tomorrow – Volume 3 – By Thomas Horn, Donna Howell and Allie Anderson 


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The Mystery of Jesus From Genesis to Revelation – Yesterday and Tomorro

Volume 3  

By Thomas Horn, Donna Howell and Allie Anderson 

Who really is Jesus Christ of Nazareth? For most Christian minds, He is the Savior of the world from the Gospel narratives-and whereas that is a biblical truth, that answer, alone, is tragically insufficient in light of the progressive revelation of God’s whole redemptive plan…from Genesis to Revelation. In each and all of the sixty-six biblical texts of the Holy Bible, Christ is in it, through it, intrinsically sewn into every page, and irreversibly linked to everything touched by His story in the world since the dawn of time.

Donna Howell, Tom Horn, and Allie Anderson pair up in this three-volume work, The Mystery of Jesus:

From Genesis to Revelation -Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, to tear down the walls of confusion around Christ’s identity and show what the Bible wholly and collectively says about our Messiah.


What the Isle of Patmos truly looked like for John when he first penned Revelation (and how that defies our classic depictions of the “solitary revelator”)

Varying interpretational approaches to Revelation, and answers to the multiple questions in Church that they each raise.

Clear-cut, comprehensible explanations behind even the most enigmatic and hard-to-understand symbols in Revelation that anyone can read and understand.

Astounding, powerful, and largely hidden-in-Greek implications behind the identity of the 144,000 “mini-Pauls” who will inaugurate a Great Awakening and spiritual revival to Christ in the midst of global tragedy.

Who the rest of the “End-Times” characters are, what they do, and what that means for Christ’s modern-day disciples as they “watch the skies” for His return.

What the great Millennial Reign entails, and how it is different from the “Eternal State” most Christians refer to as “heaven” (incorrectly portrayed as a collection of clouds and harps).

How Jesus-present and active in all sixty-six books of the Bible makes His grand and final entrance in shining glory to welcome into the New Jerusalem all who receive the free gift of salvation.

And much, much more!


Volume 3


215 pages

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