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The King is Coming: Ten Events That Will Change Our Future Forever


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The King is Coming: Ten Events That Will Change Our Future Forever

by Erwin Lutzer

The end is near. While these often sound like words of insane rambling, they can also be a sensible presentation of truth. Acknowledging that what is yet to come is beyond the scope of our wildest projections, pastor and Bible scholar, Erwin Lutzer reminds us that we have not been left completely in the dark. There is much we can know. 

Within this book are ten events we can be certain of, ten events that will change our future forever. You will be encouraged to renew your expectation of the return of the Messiah and in so doing be motivated to live pure lives for Him. 

The King is Coming has been written precisely to aid your own explorations of scriptural prophecies with sound, sensible, balanced perspectives based on the simple meaning of the biblical texts. Saturated with both humility and a sense of urgency, this book not only provides answers for those questioning what comes next, but also enpowerment and instruction to live accordingly in the here and now. Here’s what a few others have to say about The King is Coming

“Here is a healthy dose of sanity on the study of prophecy. My friend, Erwin Lutzer, writes from long hours and informed study and presents essential truths with compelling clarity. He navigates our reading boat away from the rocks of sensationalism on the one side and complacency on the other, guiding us to listen well to God’s prophetic Word.”

Mark Bailey- President- Dallas Theological Seminary

“There are peacekeepers and there are truth tellers. I have always found Erwin Lutzer to be the latter, whether in his powerful preaching, incisive teaching, or dynamic writing. You will find that The King is Coming represents the best of one of evangelicalism’s most persuasive thinkers on a topic crucial to all.”

Jerry Jenkins- Co-author of the Left behind Series and the owner of Christian Writer’s Guild. 

“The King is Coming: what a great title and what a great promise! The Bible predicts many things about the future, but the most important prophecy of all is the promise that Jesus is coming again! Don’t miss Dr. Lutzer’s insightful, captivating and provocative new book. It will stir your soul and bless your heart.”

Ed Hindson

Distingushed professor, School of Religion, Liberty University

“Erwin Lutzer has done a masterful job of presenting what Billy Graham has called the most neglected doctrine of our faith; the second coming of Jesus Christ. Dr. Lutzer avoids getting bogged down in the peripheral issues of eschatology and focuses on how the certainty of Christ’s return should affect our lives today. This hope-filled book is must reading for every believer.”

Robert Jeffress- Pastor- First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX



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