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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Great Covid Deception Book Package – Statistics, Ingredients, Motives, Lies, Murders and Our Response to Covid – 2 FREE BONUSES!  by Pastor Billy Crone – Shipping Included in the USA!


The Great Covid Deception Book - Statistics, Ingredients, Motives, Lies, Murders and Our Response to Covid - by Pastor Billy Crone

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When? The Biblical Timing For Prophetic Fulfillment by Ron J. Bigalke

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Get a Life! - Billy Crone's Personal Testimony

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The Great Covid Deception Book Package 

Statistics, Ingredients, Motives, Lies, Murders and Our Response to Covid


by Pastor Billy Crone

The very first thing Jesus warned about as a clear-cut sign that the prophesied 7-year Tribulation and His Second Coming which occurs at the end was at hand, was an unparalleled time of global deception. Strategically, before He ever mentioned the coming signs of wars, rumors of wars, famines, and pestilences, Jesus predicted there would first be a massive rise of false messiahs and false prophets spreading massive lies and deception across the whole planet. In fact, these global tyrannical imposters would be deceiving the world in such a powerful way, that if it were possible, even the elect could fall for it.

Believe it or not, those days are fast upon us with the current global manufactured crisis called Covid 19. The facts are, it’s not a pandemic, rather it’s a “plandemic” by these global elites to usher in the rise of the Antichrist Kingdom. Therefore, this study, The Great Covid Deception, seeks to equip you with the mountains of evidence and current up-to-date cutting-edge information that unveils and exposes the never ending ongoing plethora of lies and deceit that the media will never share with you.

Here you will learn such shocking and revealing truths as

  • The Statistics of Covid
  • The Ingredients of Covid
  • The Motives of Covid
  • The Lies of Covid
  • The Murders of Covid
  • The Response to Covid.

Deny it all you want and stick your head in the sand to your own detriment, but there really is a hideous deceptive global agenda with the so-called Covid 19 crisis. It’s all part of an evil nefarious plan by global elites and leaders to usher in the Last Days society that God warned us about 2,000 years ago and that Jesus said was the worst time in the history of mankind. In fact, He said it was going to be so horrible that if God didn’t shorten the timeframe, the entire human race would be destroyed! Get your copy of The Great Covid Deception and save as many as you can before it’s too late!

When? The Biblical Timing For Prophetic Fulfillment

Bonus Book by Ron J. Bigalke

Realizing that there are few possibilities in relation to the biblical timing for prophetic fulfillment, helps to provide a foundation for understanding the doctrine of Christ’s second coming. Respected author, Dr. Ron J. Bigalke addresses these fundamental issues from the perspective of premillennialism. He accesses the view of prophetic timing in relation to amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism with an expanded emphasis upon the biblical texts that describe Christ’s return to the Earth. This volume will prove to be an invaluable reference in understanding the schedule of prophetic events—and why such doctrine are relevant to each of our lives. 

Bigalke’s excellent research deserves a large distribution among those who concern themselves with prophetic Scripture.

—Arno Froese – Midnight Call Ministry 

Ron J. Bigalke has produced a clear and substantial examination of one of the major areas of debate when it comes to eschatology—timing. I found this volume to be Biblically and logistically satisfying. Highly recommended! 

—Jerry Hullinger – Piedmont International University

When?  . . . is not a book for superficial Bible readers. If you are serious about Scripture and want a deep dive into eschatology, this book is a must read.  

Paul Seger

—Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Dr. Ron Bigalke painstakingly sets forth a compelling case . . . explaining why this proper timing sequence is important and how it relates (personally). This work received my highest recommendation. 

—Andy Woods – Sugar Land Bible Church and Chafer Theological Seminary

Get a Life Bonus DVD – Billy Crone’s Amazing Personal Testimony 

What is the true meaning or Easter, or more appropriately, Resurrection Day? It’s simple—Jesus has come so that you and I might “Get a Life!”

One of the most effective ways to explain this wonderful message of Resurrection Day is to share the account of one man, Billy Crone, a true testimony of the earthly rags to heavenly riches. The grace of God turned Billy from a former drug addict, heavy metal head banger, and a sexually immoral, male chauvinist pig to a pastor and preacher of the Gospel. Billy’s testimony is truly extraordinary. The Gospel message changes lives!

This message in “Get A Life” is not for a select few. It’s graciously available to anyone and everyone who would call upon the name of the Lord. You’ll not find life in the things of this world and you cannot fill that hole in your heart with drugs, pleasure, power, position, prestige or even religion. You can only fill the hole in your heart by GETTING A LIFE from the Source of LIFE, Jesus Christ. That’s what Resurrection Day is all about!



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