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When? The Biblical Timing For Prophetic Fulfillment by Ron J. Bigalke


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When? The Biblical Timing For Prophetic Fulfillment

by Ron J. Bigalke

Realizing that there are few possibilities in relation to the biblical timing for prophetic fulfillment, helps to provide a foundation for understanding the doctrine of Christ’s second coming. Respected author, Dr. Ron J. Bigalke addresses these fundamental issues from the perspective of premillennialism. He accesses the view of prophetic timing in relation to amillennialism, postmillennialism, and premillennialism with an expanded emphasis upon the biblical texts that describe Christ’s return to the Earth. This volume will prove to be an invaluable reference in understanding the schedule of prophetic events—and why such doctrine are relevant to each of our lives. 

Bigalke’s excellent research deserves a large distribution among those who concern themselves with prophetic Scripture.

—Arno Froese – Midnight Call Ministry 

Ron J. Bigalke has produced a clear and substantial examination of one of the major areas of debate when it comes to eschatology—timing. I found this volume to be Biblically and logistically satisfying. Highly recommended! 

—Jerry Hullinger – Piedmont International University

When?  . . . is not a book for superficial Bible readers. If you are serious about Scripture and want a deep dive into eschatology, this book is a must read.  

Paul Seger

—Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Dr. Ron Bigalke painstakingly sets forth a compelling case . . . explaining why this proper timing sequence is important and how it relates (personally). This work received my highest recommendation. 

—Andy Woods – Sugar Land Bible Church and Chafer Theological Seminary



338 pages

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