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***Support Our Ministry in April*** – The Ancient Prophecy of Gomer – SHIPPING INCLUDED in the USA


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***Support Our Ministry in April***

The Ancient Prophecy of Gomer 


The Battle of Gog and Magog is probably the second most famous biblical battle referenced in the Bible outside of the Battle of Armageddon. Scholars have speculated about Ezekiel 38 and 39 for centuries in an attempt to identify the combatants and the timing of this infamous end-times war. Multiple names have been bandied about … Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and several others, but one name doesn’t seem to get the attention that perhaps it deserves … Gomer. 

The name Gomer is mentioned 5 times in the books of Genesis, I Chronicles and Ezekiel in connection with his genealogy and activities. The Bible establishes him as the head of the western branch of the Gentile nations. But the name Gomer is mentioned a sixth time in a different light … Gomer is now the name of a woman married to Hosea, a prophet of Israel. Gomer is also directly connected to a prophecy of the last days. To further complicate the situation, Gomer is a harlot!

Why would the name Gomer, a man’s name, be given to an Israelite woman? And why would the Lord direct Hosea, whose name means “salvation,” to marry the harlot who carried this name? The answer to these questions reveal a beautiful prophetic theme revolving around the ruin and restoration of Israel, spiritual apostasy, the Battle of Gog and Magog and the country that was responsible for the murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust. 

Join Gary Stearman as he delivers a live message that left many people in the audience shocked, finally able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. God weaves together a beautiful picture through the lives of Hosea and Gomer. He puts Israel through the harshest of judgments, but then tenderly rescues her and replants her in the Promised Land!





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