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Researchers Library of Ancient Texts Volume 2, The: The Apostolic Fathers


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The Researchers Library of Ancient Texts Volume 2: The Apostolic Fathers

by Defender Publishing

Featuring the works of Polycarp, Justin Martyr, Ignatius, Clement, Irenaeus and many more.

Tom Horn has assembled many of the timely writings of the early church fathers in this volume. While not inspired Scripture, they do provide a great look into the early church and what they believed, some of it downright prophetic in a premillennial way! This apocryphal and pseudepigraphal literature sheds light on early Judaism and the early church, many times corroborating and enhancing the biblical account with great insights. 

Volume 1 includes the oft-examined books of Enoch, Jasher, Maccabees and Jubilees (plus many more), all chock-full of fascinating reading on the fallen angels, the mysterious death of Moses and Joshua’s Long Day. 

Volume 2, featured here, contains many historians and theologians including Justin Martyr, Polycarp (a likely pupil of the Apostle John), Clement, Irenaeus, and Barnabas.

Volume 3 is an English translation of the Greek Septuagint, translated directly from the Hebrew Old Testament. Volume 3 also includes the Apocrypha. This was likely the Bible referenced and used in New Testament times by Jesus and His disciples, the Apostle Paul and the Apostolic Fathers. 


616 pages


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