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Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers – Season One Box Set with Bonuses! – Biblical Archaeology For Kids! 5 DVD Episodes


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Patterns of Evidence: Young Explorers

Season One Box Set – 5 DVD Episodes

Biblical Archaeology For Kids!

Family Study Guide Included in this Box Set

Ancient Bible Map Included in this Box Set

Wall of Time Included in this Box Set

By Timothy Mahoney

Recommended For Kids 7-15

The six major events of the Exodus account discussed in our film ‘Patterns of Evidence: Exodus is now presented in a 5-part video series that entertains young & old. In this series you will meet and follow 10 young students who meet filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on a wilderness camping trip & learn about his investigation for physical evidence of Moses and the Israelites Exodus out of Egypt.

The series includes:

Episode 1 : The Adventure of Abraham’s Promise

A group of ten young people meet Tim Mahoney on a wilderness camping trip and learn about his investigation for physical evidence of Moses and the Israelites’ Exodus out of Egypt. As they work together, they discover the importance of the promises God made to Abraham, which predicted the entire Exodus story. By the end of the weekend they all want to join Tim on a quest to explore the Bible. What they encounter is more than they could have imagined.

Episode 2 : The Search for the Amazing Rise of Joseph

The Young Explorers set off with Tim Mahoney to investigate the first phase of the Exodus story – the arrival of the Israelites in ancient Egypt. After digging into the story of Joseph’s rise to the highest office in Egypt, the group visits a mysterious old mansion that holds many surprises. The Bible comes to life for these Explorers as they meet Egyptologists who share startling evidence matching the Bible’s account.

Episode 3 : The Case for Israelite Slaves and the Forgetful Pharaoh

The Young Explorers dig deeper into the next phase of the Exodus story – the tremendous multiplication of the Israelite population and their descent into slavery. They rise high above the plains of Egypt in a hot air balloon to see the amazing growth of Avaris and the discovery of baby Moses in a basket. The Explorers also examine an Egyptian document listing Hebrew slaves. Could all of this be evidence of the Israelites?

Episode 4: The Hunt for Ten Plagues and the Exodus from Egypt

The Young Explorers search for the next steps of the Bible’s account – the Judgment of Egypt and the departure of the Israelites from that devastated land. Will their trip into the forest and the book of Exodus provide clues to these events and where they belong in history? Tim searches Egypt for the real Pharaoh of the Exodus and the Exploration Chamber brings them up close and personal with the biblical events, while revealing some surprises along the way

Episode 5: The Mystery of Joshua and the Falling Walls of Jericho

The Young Explorers’ investigation reaches its climax with the Israelites’ return to the Promised Land. The group heads back to the old mansion to learn about Jericho and search for clues in its destroyed walls. The boys also discover an unexpected story behind Sam’s mysterious teapot. Join the Young Explorers in this final episode. Can they solve the riddle of why the pattern of evidence for the Exodus story has been so early in history?







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