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On the Trail of the Nephilim: Definitive Proof of the Biblical Giants – Giants Skulls! 9-Foot Skeletons! Ancient Monuments! DNA Evidence! Over 350 Color Images! by L.A. Marzulli! – Shipping Included in the USA


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On the Trail of the Nephilim: Definitive Proof of the Biblical Giants

Giants Skulls! 9-Foot Skeletons! Ancient Monuments! DNA Evidence!

Over 350 Color Images! 

Were the Biblical Giants in South America? 

3 books in 1! 604 pages! A One-of-a-Kind Resource! 

by L.A. Marzulli!

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Whether you are a regular church attender or have nothing to do with religion, it’s likely that you’re aware of strange and supernatural events found throughout the pages of the Bible. 

Of all these strange events however, there is non stranger than the events of the 6th chapter of the book of Genesis and the account of the angels mating with humans and creating a race of giant hybrids. Theologians have speculated and debated this bizarre passage of Scripture for thousands of years—and the debate rages on today hotter than ever! 

In this massive compilation, researcher and best selling author, L.A. Marzulli challenges the accepted paradigm of historical events and suggests that there has been a coverup of “gigantic” proportions. 

This book provides definitive proof for the stories found in Scripture and the accounts of gigantic human hybrids. Traveling to Paracas, Peru, along with other relatively unknown places in South America, the author hunts for proof of a hybrid race of beings the Bible calls the “Nephilim.” 

His search leaves no stone unturned as he investigates public museums, private skull and skeleton collections, secret caves known only to locals, and explores massive and enigmatic structures that defy modern building techniques. He interviews archaeologists and curators along with experts in many diverse fields. 

What Marzulli discovers turns the world upside down and literally rewrites the history books! 

Join L.A. Marzulli on the trail of the Nephilim! 


On the Trail of the Nephilim Book One

  1. The Mounds
  2. Darwinism: The Holy Grail of the Sacrosanct
  3. Robert Mirabel: Stilt Walker
  4. My Trip to the Chicago Field Museum
  5. Ales Hrdlicka: The Smithsonian Coverup
  6. The Theory
  7. Fritz Zimmerman
  8. America’s Stonehenge
  9. My Interview with Dr. Aaron Judkins
  10. Peru!
  11. The Church at Huaytara
  12. Wayqui
  13. Ollantaytambol
  14. A Theory Emerges
  15. Summation
  16. The Paracas Skull Analysis

On the Trail of the Nephilim Book Two

  1. Preliminary DNA Testing Results From a Geneticist
  2. Raman Data and It’s Significance with Hair Samples
  3. Conversation with a Navajo Elder
  4. Conversation with Chief Joseph Riverwind
  5. The Nephilim Lance?
  6. Catalina: On the Trail of Ralph Glidden
  7. John Boraggina, Curator of the Catalina Island Museum
  8. Bernhard Zipfel and the Berg Aukas Femur
  9. Conversation with Bruce Fenton
  10. America’s Stonehenge Redux
  11. Return to Peru
  12. Interview with Sr. Juan Navarro Hierro
  13. The Paracas History Museum
  14. Thoughts on the Red-headed, Elongated Baby Mummy Skull – Unwrapping and Molding It
  15. Osteological Evaluation of Four Elongated Skulls from Paracas, Peru
  16. The 1842 Fetus with the Elongated Skull
  17. Cranial Deformation in Leviticus 19:27
  18. The Return to Chongos
  19. Mysteries of the Paracas People: Clues That Don’t Fit the Conventional Paradigm
  20. I Found Two Skulls
  21. Camacho: The Mass Grave
  22. Sillustani
  23. Nazca and the Maria Reiche Museum
  24. Summation

Book Three – Nephilim Hybrids

  1. Return to Catalina
  2. The Afghan Giant
  3. The Serpent Mound – A New Paradigm
  4. The Skulls
  5. The Paracas Baby Mummy Skull
  6. A Comparative Observational Report on the Tumba #60 Skull, the Chongos Skull
  7. A Comparative Observational Report on the Tumba #60 Skull, the Chongos Skull
  8. Paracas Project Ministry of Culture, Peru DNASummary Report



604 pages

3 Books in One!! A One-of-a-Kind Resource! 

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