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More Jewish Culture & Customs: A Sampler of Jewish Life


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More Jewish Culture & Customs: A Sampler of Jewish Life

by Steve Herzig

Thousands of readers enjoyed Steve Herzig’s first book, Jewish Culture and Customs. In response to a great host of requests from appreciative readers. The Friends of Israel is pleased to bring you this excellent sequel that will take you on yet another irresistible tour through the colorful world of Judaism. 

With exceptional skill, Steve will transport you into the realm of Jewish experience—a culture rich in tradition, symbolism, and the celebration of life. THE REASON FOR THIS BOOK IS SIMPLE. Jesus the Messiah was born a Jew in Israel, the Land God promised to His people. His followers were all Jews who practiced their faith. Anyone who holds the Scriptures to be the Word of God will desire a better understanding of the people he chose and called “the apple of His eye.” 

In More Jewish Culture & Customs, you will learn about Jewish holidays, mikvehs, kibbutzim, Jewish music and humor, and a wide variety of other fascinating subjects. The episodes included in this book provide a clear and enjoyable encounter with the vibrant world of Judaism and life in the Jewish community. And in the process, you’ll gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Chosen People, the Bible, and see your faith as a Christian in a whole new light.


  1. The Pale of Settlement
  2. The Pioneering Spirit
  3. Returning to the Land
  4. Lost Hope Reclaimed
  5. The Man Who Brought Hebrew Back to the Land
  6. The First Line of Defense
  7. Are There Horns Under That Hat? Myths About the Jewish People
  8. Is the New Testament Anti-Semitic?
  9. Who Killed Jesus? 
  10. Jewish Humor
  11. Jewish Music
  12. From Badge to Banner
  13. Baptism or Mikveh
  14. Try it—You’ll Like It!
  15. What’s in a Name?
  16. So, What Exactly is That? 
  17. A Day for Remembering Yom Hashoah
  18. The Call of the Shofar
  19. Giving and Receiving the Blessing
  20. Aliyah For the People of the Book
  21. Blessings on Your Head
  22. Judaism vs. Jewishness
  23. Chosen? For What? 
  24. When You’re Dead, You’re Dead
  25. Pondering the Question of Evil
  26. Tikkun Olam
  27. The Tattoo is Taboo
  28. Organized For Service
  29. Workmen’s Circle
  30. Politics and Politicians
  31. Akiva: Ascension to Prominence
  32. Wanting to be Somebody
  33. Play Ball 



213 pages

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