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Miracles in American History DVD – Volume Three – by William J. Federer


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Miracles in American History DVD

Volume Three

10 Dynamically Produced, Visually Captivating Episodes, Approximately 5 Minutes Each 

by William J. Federer

From the early days of America to the present, the nations faced overwhelming challenges, but men and women of courage stepped forward in faith to see obstacles miraculously overcome. 

Do You Know of These Miracles in American History? 

  1. Battle of New Orleans – God protects Americans from bombs and rockets
  2. In God We Trust
  3. Andrew Jackson and the Bank War
  4. Cholera Epidemic
  5. Unexpected accident changes the course of the Civil War after prayer
  6. Clara Barton begins American Red Cross
  7. World War 1 turns to victory for Allies
  8. World War 1 Sergeant York
  9. George Washington Carver’s Answered Prayer
  10. Prayer for Great Depression to End 



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