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Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World – The Worldwide Adventures of L.A. Marzulli! – Volume 7 in the On the Trail of the Nephilim Series – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


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Lost Civilizations of the Ancient World DVD

The Worldwide Adventures of L.A. Marzulli! 

Volume 7 – The On the Trail of the Nephilim Series 

by L.A. Marzulli


Ten years ago, I invited an unknown author by the name of Tom Horn to Oklahoma City to discuss a fascinating book he had just released, Nephilim Stargates. Little did I know, but that interview would lead to two special friendships. Tom, who’d just started a publishing company, brought a book with him from a new author entitled, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural. The rest is history. 

You’re probably familiar with L.A. Marzulli, who’s brought his unique research to our ministry on many an occasion. L.A. has created multiple books and DVDs on the Nephilim and produced the award winning, Watchers Series, a deep dive into the supernatural. Recently, he’s created a new series, a set of 7 DVDs chronicling his worldwide adventures … On the Trail of the Nephilim. His newest DVD, Lost Civilizations, is destined to be his best work on the subject. 

Along the way, L.A. and I have traveled the continents together, touring Israel 2 years ago with our ministry’s new co-host, Mondo Gonzalez; exploring the “giant” secrets of Catalina Island; and with the help of Larry Ollison, taking a life changing trip to the islands of Malta and Gozo. Up until then, I couldn’t find Malta or Gozo on a map! But Larry turned us on to these mysterious locations in the Mediterranean, filling us in on Malta’s eerie Hypogeum, a bizarre underground labyrinth of caves that was featured in the August 1940 issue of National Geographic. It seems some children got lost in the underground catacombs of Malta which run the length of the entire island, and had a shadowy encounter with some gigantic shadow people! Soon thereafter, the caves were deemed off limits for school trips and tourists! 
When we landed on the tiny airstrip in Malta, I perused a local map. I was unfamiliar with many of the things I was about to experience, but excited nonetheless. Then, I spotted the name of a town on a map. It was called Gigantes! Are you kidding me? I got the hint! Next thing you know, L.A. and I are inside the Hypogeum … cameras prohibited! Soon, we’d be exploring spectacular, megalithic sites with L.A.’s drone, awestruck at the sight of massive, 20,000 pound rock formations and strange stones carved in the shape of medicine balls. No one seem to know who built these ancient structures or what the balls were used for … including the tour guide and the clueless tourists! 
I believe this trip accelerated L.A.’s journey and set his curiosity ablaze. Malta and Gozo were just the beginning. He’s been places most of us could only dream of visiting. Sardinia, Sicily, Peru, Northern France, Mallorca, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, the Serpent Mound, New Hampshire … even underneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where we find one stone 100 feet tall weighing 160,000 pounds! Are the monuments found at these sites the product of angelic intervention? No human could duplicate these technological efforts today. 
Finally, after being harassed unmercifully (by me) to share some of his journeys on film, he’s gotten around to taking the rest of us on a worldwide Nephilim tour. Have you ever wanted to be the guy who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls, or the tomb of Tutankhamun? The next best thing is to travel with L.A. Marzulli! 
Soon, you’ll find yourself in Israel visiting Gilgal Rephaim. We took a convoy of jeeps to navigate the rocky roads, passing abandoned military outposts along the way, remnants of the 1967 war. Syria stood off in the distance, as did Mt. Hermon, the place where the book of Enoch claims the rebellious fallen angels entered Earth’s domain after leaving their “first estate.” 
When we got there, L.A. got his drone up in the air. He’d heard about this megalithic burial site but he’d never visited Israel before. But this place was on his bucket list. Next thing you know, he turned into a little kid, gleefully flying his drone above this gigantic circle mound of stones. Then, I see he and Mondo crawling inside the ancient tomb that they claim has never been excavated!  They believe it’s a memorial to the ancient Nephilim and beneath it may lie the grave of a Nephilim giant. Og of Bashan? 
The 6th chapter of Genesis tells us about the fallen angels. The KJV calls them giants, but in the original Hebrew language these angels are called fallen ones, or Nephilim. The Bible tells us that a group of angels came to Earth, married human women, and birthed a race of hybrid giants. They were on the Earth for over 500 years, polluting the bloodline of everyone, save Noah and his family. God responded with Noah’s flood and civilization started over with just 8 people. Satan’s attempt to pollute the bloodline of the future Messiah was a spectacular failure. What other explanation could there be to cause God to destroy His entire creation? I suspect the Days of Noah were far worse than we can imagine. 
History is replete with accounts of the graves of these giants. According to fellow explorer, Timothy Alberino, many of the elderly people on the island of Sardinia have seen graves being excavated and giant skeletons bones being hauled away, never to be seen again. What are they hiding? L.A. will take you to some amazing places in Sardinia, where you’ll find the 10,000 mysterious “towers” and “the tombs of the heroes.” 
Lost Civilizations will take you to places most of us could never dream of exploring. Along the way you’ll meet local tour guides, archaeologists, historians and experts on this strange subject. You’ll find yourself in underground caves, beneath the Temple Mount, exploring the Sun Gate in Peru, the standing stones of Tel Gezer in Israel, discovering secret chambers, pillars, obelisks, monuments, towers and sacrificial altars. Who built all of these amazing landmarks? 
Where did these ancient peoples get their knowledge of the equinoxes, solstices and lunar alignments, not to mention the knowledge of advanced mathematics and engineering? Were they helped by the fallen angels and given the secrets of heaven? What caused many of these sites to be suddenly abandoned thousands of years ago? The technology they used, like we see in the construction of the Great Pyramid, is jaw dropping. Were they able to practice levitation, or change the molecular structure of rock? It’s a mystery of history! 
Did Joshua and Caleb run the Nephilim out of the Promised Land? The research for Lost Civilizations offers a hint. Years ago, two pillars of stone were discovered by archaeologists. Written on these Phoenician pillars were these words … “we are they who fled from Joshua, the Robber, the son of Nun.” Spectacular! L.A. believes that the giants fled the Levant and made their way across the Mediterranean to places like Sicily, Crete, Sardinia, Malta, Gozo, Peru and other places far and wide, including America. On this new DVD, you’re going to visit these places, hear the whole Nephilim story and decide for yourself if L.A. is on the right trail. 
Coast to Coast Radio recently called L.A. the world’s leading expert on the Nephilim. I’m hoping he takes me along on his next great adventure! Easter Island anyone?  



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