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Life of Washington (Attic Books Series)


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Life of Washington

Originally published in 1842 by the ASSU

by Anna C. Reed

Here is a rare, faith-filled biography of America’s first President, George Washington. Pull back the dark shrouds of secular revisionist history and meet the humble believer, godly leader, and devoted son who became a fledgling country’s source of strength and inspiration. Constantly seeking to serve others, and place God first in his life and in the struggle for American freedom, George Washington was a revered and reverent man. 

In this special edition of a vintage 1842 original, readers will go beyond today’s simple footnotes of this great leader to discover the man behind the title of “Father of Our Country.” From letters and personal accounts, a fuller and more accurate picture emerges of a man who lived by and was led by a deep and abiding faith. 



295 pages

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