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Jonathan Cahn DVD Series (Volume 2)


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The Jonathan Cahn DVD Series (Volume 2)

by Jonathan Cahn and WND Films

From the WND Films Teaching Series

In partnership with WND Films Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, is releasing some of his finest teachings, delivered at conferences and before his own New Jersey congregation, the Beth Israel Worship Center. Cahn: Volume 2 contains the following three presentations on DVD. 

1. The Mishkan Clue– The fascinating mystery of when Messiah was born includes a secret hidden in the censored documents of the early church. Explore the Mystery of the Goel, a revelation from the sands of Sinai and the little known Mystery of the Mishkan! 

2. The Mystery of the Ilanot– Cahn takes some of Scriptures hidden gems to a new level as he explores “The Mystery of the Law of the Trees,” “The Olive Tree Mystery,” “The Fig Tree Mystery,” “The Four and Five Ages,” “The Mystery of the Realms,” “The Rebirth of the Messianic Movement,” and “The Rebirth of Israel.” 

3. The Secret of the Eighth Day– Jonathan Cahn continues to explore little-known biblical mysteries, gathered from his archives of thousands of messages. You’ll be amazed at “The Mystery of the Eighth Day and the Eighth Age,” “The Seven Steps of Ezekiel, ” The Mystery of the Shemini Atzeret,” and an exploration of the 8th day following the millennium. 



170 minutes

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